HeyyJuice is a local business that sells cold-pressed juices adhering to simple guiding principles; nutrition must be delicious, affordable, and in practical bottles.


HeyyJuice wants a different design and concept of social media content from its competitors’ content which is seen as too commercial (hard selling).


Satuvision as the best social media agency in Bali designed a new concept for HeyyJuice’s social media display with the concept of a “healthy lifestyle” rather than overly explaining the product itself.


Basically someone buys “emotions” not “products”. So when we introduce them further about a healthy lifestyle, they will buy HeyyJuice products by themselves without the need for hard selling.

Client : HeyyJuice
Year : 2022
Service : Social Media
Heyyjuice Instagram Feed 1
Heyyjuice Instagram Feed 2
Heyyjuice Instagram Feed 3

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