IBAN Design


IBAN Design is a men’s fashion brand from Bali. Provide various types of clothing with the Basic concept. Focus on providing quality from premium materials and competitive prices for consumers.


Playing in the fashion market is crucial, no matter if you use special materials with premium quality, if your social presence in the digital world is not good, it will be difficult to find potential customers.


Creating a website-based product catalog to make it easier for the audience to browse products, find out the fabric details and sizes available. Also, synchronize to e-commerce platforms to make payments and shipping easier.


Product sales on e-commerce platforms are growing. The audience’s footprint is seen starting from social media, then exploring IBAN Design website, and making purchases via e-commerce.

Client : IBAN Design
Year : 2022
Service : Web Development, Design UX/UI
IBAN Design Website 1
IBAN Design Website 2
IBAN Design Website 3
IBAN Design Website 4

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