Kembali Innovation Hub


Kembali is a coworking space that can be a place for anyone who wants to work in the startup field. Kembali helps you to contribute to the local ecosystem with creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship.


Compete with coworking spaces that are increasingly prevalent in the southern Bali area and invite people, especially freelancers to startups, to want to work here.


Create a catchy website design and build an informative multi-page. For social media, we encourage educational content and work productivity with fun designs.


Website traffic increases as detailed information is shown + easy access to the website. On social media, engagement increases because many people need productivity tips & tricks in the world of work.

Client : Kembali
Year : 2022
Service : Web Development, Branding, Social Media
Kembali website design 1
Kembali website design 2
Kembali website design 3
Kembali website design 4
Kembali Instagram Feed 1
Kembali Instagram Feed 2

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