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Founded in 2000, Leo Silver continues to offer the finest silver crafts. Embraced by Balinese culture, Leo Silver manufactures superior products that are internationally competitive.


Competition for jewelry, especially handicrafts in Bali is very competitive. Many competitors offer international quality products with their own characteristics. In order to be a market winner, outstanding content is needed, and of course active on social media.


SATUVISION seeks to analyze Leo Silver Bali’s potential audience before going into the field to provide beautiful content that is able to attract buyers’ hearts. Through the best strategy, color grading content, caption copywriting, and posting content “at the right time”, we get the results our clients want.


From day to day, the volume of audience visits to Leo Silver Bali’s profile account is increasing, along with engagement content as well. One of the benefits obtained is that many visitors/buyers get from social media.

Client : Leo Silver Bali
Year : 2022
Service : Social Media Management
Leo SIlver Bali Social Media Management by Satuvision
Leo SIlver Bali Social Media Management by Satuvision
Leo SIlver Bali Social Media Management by Satuvision

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