Lumen Collective


Lumen Collective provides the client with excellent architectural and interior design services, efficient build, and renovation services, as well as awesome custom furnishing for the client’s dream properties. Their focus is on buildings in Japandi and Scandinavian styles.


With the rapid growth of property and real estate in Bali, many property development agencies have sprung up. Especially in the south Bali area, where the Lumen Collective is located, there have been many similar businesses before. However, the real challenge is in their own USP. Building awareness and finding the right prospects for Japandi and Scandinavian styles is a serious challenge for us.


By collecting analysis of what the problems are, unique selling points, and target audiences, SATUVISION has succeeded in formulating solutions that are rooted in social media advertising (Instagram and Facebook). The elements related to the success of the campaign are as follows; Leads Funnel Structure, High-Quality Content Creation, Informative & Persuasive Copywriting, Email Text Templates, Ads Placements, and several other analyses.


The benefits obtained by the first client; Ads target the right target audience. Second; clients easily follow up on these prospects through the funnel system & email. Third; High-quality content and copywriting are able to interest the audience whether it is making a purchase or learning more. The activity going on in the Lumen Collective’s profile has also increased tremendously; starting from the number of followers, likes, comments, shares, and saves.

Client : Lumen Collective
Year : 2022
Service : Social Media Advertising
Lumen Collective Social Media Advertising (1)
Lumen Collective Social Media Advertising (2)
Lumen Collective Social Media Advertising (3)

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