Marketing Collateral

Proximity Marketing

In business, marketing materials are often referred to as marketing collateral. The term refers to any written or visual material used in the promotion of a product or service. Collateral has historically meant brochures or sell sheets that were developed as sales support tools. We can now provide more up-to-date solutions that are adjusted to the Digital Time in today’s environment.

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NFC for Business

Near Field Communication

The use of Near Field Communication (NFC) is an extremely secure and user-friendly platform for marketers looking to track, interact with, and communicate with their consumers in real time. The tags are simple to use since they can be tapped on any compatible device or system reader, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or point-of-sale system. It allows marketers to develop highly targeted, personalized campaigns that are location-aware for maximum relevance and impact on your consumers.

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QR Code

Quick Response

QR code marketing, on the other hand, is a method of using Quick Response (QR) codes to engage consumers. QR codes can be read by mobile devices in an instant and interpreted.
With a single scan of the QR code using a camera app, smartphone users can get to URLs, product brochures, mobile applications, and extra information without having to input the required data.

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Video Brochure

Unique Promotional Tool

A custom printed softcover or hardcover is equipped with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and therefore will be called a video brochure. With a huge selection of sizes, video business cards, video brochures, video mailers, video boxes, and other display-based items to show off your film message with a simple flip. This gives your business the extra luxury touch you need.

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