Mawatu is an investment project located on the beautiful island of Flores in the municipality of Labuan Bajo. They are building an entire city from scratch. With the support of the Government, they will create an ideal environment to live and work, respectful of the environment for a perfect and sustainable lifestyle.


Attract local and foreign investors to buy or rent before the project is finished during the pandemic. 


Create a website translated in many languages to target different countries and audiences. Advertise on Social Media, create landing pages for every investor profile, communicate about lifestyle and return on investment. 


All media can be used for a longer period of time and can be duplicated. Targeting different audiences with different languages and different messages allows us to narrow the audience and then the CPC.

Client : Mawatu
Year : 2021
Service : Website, Digital Marketing, Design & UX/UI
Mawatu Homepage website screenshot
mawatu website element screenshot
Mawatu Instagram Feed Screenshot
Mawatu Contact Form Screenshot

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