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PT. Mimpi Indah Indonesia or Mimpi Sleep offers premium mattresses and pillows imported from Europe and Belgium at an honest and affordable price. The Mimpi Original, Mimpi Sleep’s most popular model, also known as Indonesia’s first online mattress with compact packaging, is built with innovative technology and made from the very best materials in Europe and Belgium.


With a wide variety of products and detailed information available on the Mimpi Sleep website, detailed attention and regular checks are required. What’s more, many plugins and payment methods are available, it’s a challenge for us to make sure they are always active and free from errors/bugs.


The solution that SATUVISION provides is quality and professional website handling. Through web maintenance, checking bugs and errors, weekly plugin updates to monthly data backups. This is all done so that the website can run smoothly, and responsively, also all the tools/plugins in it are protected from errors or system failures.


The final result received by the client is positive comments from customers. They are satisfied with the loading speed of the Mimpi Sleep website, and the effectiveness of each button on it. In addition, sales also increased significantly through payments from the website.

Client : Mimpi Sleep
Year : 2022
Service : Website Maintenance
Mimpi Sleep Web Maintenance by Satuvision (1)
Mimpi Sleep Web Maintenance by Satuvision (2)
Mimpi Sleep Web Maintenance by Satuvision (3)
Mimpi Sleep Web Maintenance by Satuvision (4)

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