Samara Lombok


Samara Lombok is located in South Lombok, Indonesia, an unspoilt tropical paradise island, identified by the Government as the core driver for the next stage in Indonesian tourism growth.


For investors in Indonesia, investing in Bali is a common thing. Foreign investors are no exception, perhaps the name “Lombok” is rarely heard, even though Lombok is The New Bali. The challenge for us is to invite investors to invest in Lombok and create advertisements that convey the message that great opportunities await in Lombok.


Creating informative and attractive landing pages, which are not only in text, but also in image and video editing. Create social and google ads to convey a concise and clear message that there are many advantages when investing with Samara Lombok; Lifestyle, Sustainability and Resource Development.


Satuvision, as Samara Lombok’s agency, has succeeded in gathering potential leads as customers/investors for Samara Lombok. Customers who come from advertising performance will be followed-up again to drive more sales.

Client : Samara Lombok
Year : 2022
Service : Digital Marketing
Samara Lombok Website 1
Samara Lombok Website 2
Samara Lombok Website 3

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