7 Things You Must Do When Doing SEO Audit

explanation of what seo audit is and what to do when conducting seo audit

Conducting regular SEO audit on your website is one way to use SEO techniques to develop your website optimally. However, conducting an SEO audit cannot be done carelessly. There are 7 important things you must do when auditing SEO. What are they? See the explanation below!

SEO audit is…

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SEO audit is the activity of analyzing a website’s performance to ensure that it is crawled properly on the pages of the Google search engine; another term for evaluating a website, particularly in terms of SEO activity.

The goal of auditing SEO is to identify various problems found on the website that affect the website’s performance in the Google search engine. SEO audits enable you to fix any issues that arise immediately, allowing you to compete with other websites.

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SEO audit is important because…

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What are the benefits of performing SEO audit? Here’s why:

Help creating content strategy

The first reason why SEO audits are important is that they can assist you in developing a content strategy. However, this can be done after knowing various technical problems, ranging from on-page and off-page SEO to UX design issues.

Understanding of various SEO techniques

The second reason for performing an SEO audit on your website is to quickly discover various technical aspects of your website’s SEO. This is because if this technical issue is not resolved properly, Google will find it difficult to index your website automatically. When conducting SEO audits, common technical issues include error pages, websites that are too slow, URL formats that are too complicated, and a variety of other technical issues.

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Identify on-page and off-page issues

An SEO audit is also important because it can identify on-page and off-page SEO issues for your website. Several issues can be discovered during audits, such as meta descriptions that do not comply with SEO rules or internal linking provisions that are less than optimal. Furthermore, an audit can assist in determining the performance of your website’s backlinks.

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7 important things to do when performing an SEO audit are…

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Now that you know how important SEO audit are for website development, it’s time to learn what to do during those SEO audits:

Analyze the backlinks to your website

Backlinks are one of many off-page strategies used to boost your website’s Google ranking. As a result, you should examine the backlinks that lead to your website. It is strongly advised to remove low-quality backlinks. Increase website performance by obtaining backlinks from high-quality websites.

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Check for broken links

Internal and external links are one of the factors that influence a website’s ranking in the Google search engine. A broken link on a page degrades the user experience after they visit the site. As a result, you should check your website for broken links. Because leaving it alone will have an effect on the indexing process, making it slow.

Improve on-page SEO

The audit will also attempt to improve your on-page SEO. Begin with keyword research, then optimize your meta tags and slugs and structure your internal links properly. On-page SEO improves your chances of appearing on Google’s first page.

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Perform mobile-friendly checks

When performing an SEO audit on your website, you should also check to see if it is mobile-friendly. This step is critical because the average user searches from a mobile device nowadays. Go to the Google Mobile Friendly Tool, enter your site in a special field, and wait for the results to see if your site is indeed mobile-friendly.

Make sure your website is indexed on Google

Another step in an SEO audit is to ensure that your website is indexed by Google. This is required for your website’s pages to appear in the Google search engine when users conduct a search.

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Increase website speed

The speed of your website is one of the factors that can improve its ranking on Google search pages. You must properly improve and maximize the speed of your website, from image optimization to website hosting upgrades. Google PageSpeed Insights can help you determine the speed of your website.

Do a competitor analysis

The final step in performing an SEO audit is to analyze the websites of your competitors. The key is to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Take note of the differences in the analysis results, which can then be used on your website.

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