Why You Should Do SEO Audit?

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SEO is one of the most important keys for marketers and website developers to achieve top Google rankings. SEO audit should be performed as well to ensure that optimized SEO is carried out effectively. So, why is SEO auditing important? See the full explanation below!

What exactly is an SEO audit?

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SEO auditing is the process of conducting a thorough audit or analysis of all content assets on a website. Simply put, you conduct a performance analysis of your website to determine how well it ranks on Google search results pages. The goal of this audit is to determine which content on your website performs best and worst. Regular and thorough SEO audits can help your website have healthier content and avoid underperforming content.

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Why is an SEO audit necessary?

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After reading the meaning of the SEO audit above, it can be concluded that this audit activity plays an essential role in website development. Without an audit, it’s unlikely that your website will appear on the first page of Google. SATUVISION provides five reasons why this audit is necessary to make you feel even more confident:

Provide information on website performance

SEO audits provide information about the performance of each content on your website. This allows you to make decisions about your future content. For example, if your website content is irrelevant or incomplete, you can combine it with other content to create new content that is more relevant and complete.

Provide information on what content has been created

Conducting REGULAR and periodic SEO audits can provide you with detailed information about the type of content being created and the keywords being used. This will allow you to plan other topics to cover in the following content.

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Assist in identifying content that has misinformation

The information displayed in the content can become inaccurate or even incorrect over time. Conducting an SEO audit allows you to identify content that contains incorrect or irrelevant information. In this case, content checks can be very effective in reducing the amount of inaccurate or outdated information on a website.

Provide information on future content strategies

SEO audits assist you in determining which types of content are most likely to generate traffic and links. This information can be used to create a future content strategy.

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Determine the success of website ROI

Return on Investment, or ROI, is one of the factors to consider when creating content. ROI is frequently used as a metric for content success. The higher the ROI value of a website page, the better the performance of the website page. An audit allows you to calculate the ROI ratio of website content or pages.

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How to do an SEO audit?

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Let’s talk about how to perform an SEO audit now! SATUVISION provides some step-by-step instructions:

Improve website speed

Website speed is one of the ranking factors for search pages. You can perform an audit by optimizing your website’s speed. How? Do image optimization by not posting large images because this will slow down your website. Upgrade your hosting as well to gain more storage space.

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Mobile-friendly checking

The first step in an audit is to determine whether your website is mobile-friendly. How do you check? Open Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool and type your website’s URL into the provided box. You can then determine whether the site is mobile-friendly. Otherwise, the tool will inform you of what needs to be fixed.

Improving On-Page SEO

There is no denying that improving on-page SEO is very important when conducting an audit. Begin by researching relevant keywords, then optimize meta descriptions, tags, slugs, and so on, and correctly pin internal links. As a result, your website will be able to appear on the first page of a Google search.

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Those are the 5 reasons why doing an SEO audit is important. SATUVISION provides a series of articles on SEO, marketing, and increasing website traffic to help you learn more about website development. Check out some more blogs right now!

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