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Suasa Real Estate is an European managed company with more than 10 years of experience in the real estate business, residential, offices, retail and mixed, in Europe, Middle East and South-East Asia.


The challenge in the maintenance of Suasa Real Estate’s website is that the price filter is not appropriate and there are some items that are not converted. So what properties are searched for, with the properties that appear sometimes are not the same.


Satuvision as the digital agency for Suasa Real Estate re-manages property data that has not been converted to USD and is re-saved from the WP Admin. Then the implementation of area restructuring due to the number of duplicated locations, so that the main categories and sub-categories of property areas were reshuffled.


The journey to purchase property from website visitors is getting easier, loading speed is getting better, and price & location information is not misleading. A good first impression will minimize the bounce rate of a business website.

Client : Suasa Real Estate
Year : 2022
Service : Website Maintenance, Digital Marketing
Suasa Real Estate Property Website 1
Suasa Real Estate Property Website 2
Suasa Real Estate Property Website 3

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