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NFC is an extremely secure and user-friendly solution for marketers who want to track, monitor and interact with their customers in real time. The NFC tags are easy to use by simply tapping the tag on any compatible device or system reader – be it smart phones, tablets or POS systems. It helps marketers to create highly targeted, personalized campaigns that are location-aware for maximum relevance and impact on your customers.

NFC tags can be used in various ways – from simple web links, product information or phone numbers leading directly to smartphones; active NFC tags including coupons with scannable codes so the customer automatically gets discounts after a successful transaction. Use our NFC tags to create a new level of customer engagement and make your marketing smart, interactive and secure.

Use NFC Tags in Your Various Businesses

Here are some inspiration for what and in which industry NFC Tags can help you.

  • Tag with information about a property
  • Agents listing card
  • Direct leads via map to a property
  • Show map with all property’s
  • Start a virtual tour
  • Door opener
  • Card Access
  • Wifi login by tap
  • Display Information
  • Show travel map
  • Tours
  • Hotel Room Control Gadgets
  • Display Menu
  • Wifi access by tap
  • Show offers
  • Vouchers
  • Tracking & Loyalty Program
  • Promotion & Discounts
  • Track user behavior
  • Display Information
  • Upsell and Online Orders
  • Tracking Packages
  • Sell tickets
  • Direct user to a point
  • Member Card

Which NFC Product is Right For You?

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SATUVISION can offer individual customized business solutions for your business. To make sure we match your brand guideline and meet your requirements we like to discuss the strategy for your marketing purpose before we process the order. Contact us to schedule a appointment today!

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