Video Brochure

We utilize ultra-thin LCD Video Screens in creative printing to create Video Brochures, Video Post Cards, and other similar items. Call them what you like! People want information in seconds, not minutes, and they are revolutionizing the printing business by demanding information rather than reading a sales brochure. Our items and services are excellent at grabbing attention, cutting through the clutter, and assisting you to keep your message in people’s minds. They may be used for Direct Mail, Handouts, Point-of-Sale or Proximity Marketing, Product Launches, or just cool sales tools.

Three captivating video brochures from different brands

Unique Brochure and
Why It’s Beneficial to You

The innovative and creative video brochure is an excellent resource for getting to know one another. Instead of using the traditional approach of distributing printed brochures, companies are switching to this new and unique type of promotion. The video brochure, like its namesake implies, mixes the printed components of a traditional brochure with a tiny LCD screen inserted into the document.

The overhaul of an outdated brochure may benefit your organization in a number of ways, the most apparent of which is the impact it has on potential consumers. When the customer opens up the brochure and sees the video come to life, they will be more engaged than if they were reading a typical brochure, less likely to toss it aside or brush it away. It will have an unforgettable impact on the viewer. Aside from the enthralling video, the brochure allows for more detailed information to be included in the text component. Businesses may choose to include pertinent information such as product specifications or client testimonials in the printed portion of the video brochure. Video brochures are simple to update since the video material may be edited or changed at any time. Video brochures have a significant advantage over online video content since they don’t require Wi-Fi or to be near a computer in order to operate. They can be played anywhere at any time without a problem.

Some Inspiration to Use Video
Brochure in Your Various Businesses

An interactive black box of video brochures equipped with a volume button for enhanced user engagement

  • Video Brochure with information about a property
  • Virtual Property Tour
  • Show Video map with all property’s
  • Branding Real Estate Video Brochure

  • Wedding Video Brochure
  • Birthday Memory Brochure
  • After Party Video
  • Invitation Video

  • After buying vehicle Introduction
  • Presentation
  • Prototype Launch

  • Product or Service Display
  • Lookbook
  • Gift Box

Customized for Your Business

SATUVISION can offer individual customized business solutions for your business. To make sure we match your brand guideline and meet your requirements we like to discuss the strategy for your marketing purpose before we process the order. Contact us to schedule a appointment today!

Four compelling video brochures featuring different brands

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