Murex Dive Resort

Murex Dive Resort
Website, Design & UX/UI, Digital Marketing


Murex Resort, nestled in the stunning region of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, provides an idyllic tropical getaway. Renowned for its diverse diving opportunities, the resort offers luxury accommodations complemented by breathtaking natural beauty. Conveniently situated near Manado Airport, it’s an accessible destination for travelers seeking a unique blend of adventure and relaxation.


To effectively communicate its allure and services, Murex Resort required a compelling landing page that captured the essence of its unique location and offerings. Additionally, they needed a strategic Google Advertising campaign to enhance their online visibility and attract more bookings from diving enthusiasts and holidaymakers looking for a tropical retreat.


SATUVISION created a captivating landing page with a focus on visual appeal and user experience, highlighting the resort’s features and amenities. They also launched a tailored Google Advertising campaign to target potential guests, optimizing for increased traffic and conversion rates.


The enhanced landing page and advertising strategy significantly boosted Murex Resort’s online presence, leading to increased website traffic and higher booking rates. The engaging content and strategic advertising drew more attention to the resort’s unique experiences, resulting in a broader customer reach and enhanced market positioning. This comprehensive digital approach led to a measurable increase in guest inquiries and reservations, contributing positively to the resort’s revenue and reputation in the competitive hospitality industry.

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