Samara Lombok

Samara Lombok
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Samara Lombok is located in South Lombok, Indonesia, an unspoilt tropical paradise island, identified by the Government as the core driver for the next stage in Indonesian tourism growth.


For investors in Indonesia, investing in Bali is a common thing. Foreign investors are no exception, perhaps the name “Lombok” is rarely heard, even though Lombok is The New Bali. The challenge for us is to invite investors to invest in Lombok and create advertisements that convey the message that great opportunities await in Lombok.

The display of Samara Lombok Landing Page by SATUVISION
Samara Lombok property undergoing construction process in front of a beautiful beach


Craft social and Google ads to present the many advantages of investing with Samara Lombok. Emphasize the benefits across three main aspects: Lifestyle, Sustainability, and Resource Development. Highlight the unique, carefree lifestyle, our commitment to eco-friendly practices, and our investment in the local community. Show potential investors the chance for solid returns, while positively impacting Lombok’s future, socially and environmentally.


SATUVISION, as Samara Lombok’s agency, has been successful in attracting potential customers and investors. Using powerful marketing strategies and follow-up measures, they’ve managed to not only spark interest through their ad campaigns but also nurture these leads to drive more sales. The process involves personalized communications and dedicated customer service, aimed at highlighting the unique benefits of investing in Samara Lombok.

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