Deep Roots
Dive & Yoga Resort in Nusa Penida


Deep Roots: Social Media Management

Deep Roots, the newest luxury barefoot resort on Nusa Penida Island, is a testament to our deep love and reverence for the local community and nature. Our aim is to enhance their social media visibility and foster greater engagement, showcasing the distinctive qualities that make Deep Roots an extraordinary destination for travelers seeking an authentic experience.


Project Timeline: January 1st 2023 – March 31th 2023

Daily Average Engagements
Daily Average Impressions
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Boosting Social Media Engagement for a New Resort

Deep Roots, a newly opened resort in Nusa Penida, faced challenges in gaining traction on social media. Despite their efforts, they struggled to increase followers, garner likes, and generate leads through their social media channels. However, with strategic planning and targeted campaigns implemented by SATUVISION, Deep Roots was able to overcome these challenges and achieve significant growth in social media engagement. Discover how our digital marketing strategies helped Deep Roots flourish in the competitive hospitality industry.


Standing Out Among Competitors in the Diving Market

Deep Roots specifically targets the diving community as one of its primary audiences. However, we understand that there is fierce competition from established brands vying for attention in the diving market on social media. Our role extends beyond determining optimal posting times; we strive to create compelling and unique content that captivates and distinguishes Deep Roots in a saturated field. With our tailored approach, we help Deep Roots make a splash and engage divers in an unforgettable way.


Our Approach

To effectively promote Deep Roots, SATUVISION delves into the brand’s essence, primary target audience, distinct selling points, and key highlights, particularly in terms of service and location. Armed with this information, SATUVISION conducts a comprehensive social media analysis and develops a tailored strategy. This includes defining the tone of voice and color palette for social media accounts, establishing content pillars that resonate with the target audience, and creating visually captivating mood boards. These strategic steps ensure a cohesive and compelling social media presence that captures Deep Roots’ unique appeal.


The Process Our Team Follows

  • Specific Hashtag Research
  • Location Listing & Tagging
  • Alt-text Captions
  • Viral Strategy Reels
  • Cinematic Content Creation
  • Link in Bio Setup


The data obtained from Buffer, as shown in the image for February 2023, highlights remarkable progress. Within just two months, Deep Roots experienced a substantial increase in followers, from 0 to 468. Furthermore, the engagement rate reached an impressive 15.20%, surpassing the average monthly engagement rate of 0.39% for the Ritz-Carlton.

Encouraged by this success, Deep Roots decided to engage SATUVISION’s social media ads services. Through careful analysis, we identified the right keywords, target audience, and location for the campaign. The results were outstanding, with a significant surge in profile traffic and post visibility (Impressions up 263% and Reach up 234%).

Daily average engagements
Daily average impressions
Daily average clicks

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