Samara Lombok
High-End Land Investment


Samara Lombok: Social Media Advertising Service

Samara Lombok is located in South Lombok, Indonesia, an unspoiled tropical paradise island, identified by the Government as the core driver for the next stage in Indonesian tourism growth.


Project Timeline: February 27th, 2022 – Today

Direct sales of more than millions of USD
Average hundreds of highly qualified prospects/month

Targeting Niche Audiences to Enhance Lead Quality

The challenge for us is to target people to purchase land in Lombok and create advertisement strategies that convey the message that great opportunities await at Samara Lombok.

While Samara Lombok has not signed a contract with SATUVISION, we can see that the audience they have chosen so far has tended to be broad, even though the choice of venue and audience profession is specific, but still not niche. This leads to a lack of meaningful conversions.


Publishing High-Quality Ads Align to Each Target Audience

Developing high-quality ads that resonate effectively with Samara Lombok’s diverse target audience was a significant challenge. Therefore we collaborate with the property team from Samara Lombok and work with them. Our goal is to create ads that are not only eye-catching but also resonate with the interests, preferences and specific needs of each targeted audience segment.


Our Approach

Previously there were several things that were skipped during the audience selection stage, namely the audience’s interest and psychologists regarding their vision of investing in Samara Lombok.

Each campaign has its own creative content and caption (adapted to the topic). For example, Lifestyle Ads will lean towards campaigning for “The Future of High-End Asian Destination”. Process Ads leads to building construction, the team behind it and the timeline. As for Culture Ads, we introduce rich culture, flora and fauna, landscapes, authentic villages, and other exotic things to increase the perception of “new and exclusive adventure


The Process Our Team Follows

At SATUVISION, we take a meticulous approach to optimizing audience engagement and understanding the psychology behind their investment decisions. With Samara Lombok, we have honed in on a niche targeting strategy that precisely defines our audience. By analyzing their interests, behaviors, and preferences, we create tailored campaigns that resonate with their unique vision.

  • LIFESTYLE (for attraction)
  • PROCESS (for building trust)
  • CULTURE (for exposure)


Through meticulous planning by our expert Digital Marketing team and a dedicated execution stage, Samara Lombok surpassed our expectations, achieving outstanding results. Our efforts successfully attracted a pool of potential customers and investors for Samara Lombok. What’s more, we ensure that every customer generated through our ad performance receives personalized follow-up, driving even more sales and maximizing the return on investment.

Millions+ USD
Direct sales
Highly qualified leads/month

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