El Aleph
Luxury Yacht Charter


El Aleph: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

El Aleph is a luxury yacht charter company with operational areas in East Indonesian waters. Aspires to establish a strong digital presence to reach individuals seeking exceptional luxury yacht experiences in Indonesia.


Project Timeline: August 8th 2022 – December 20th 2022

Increase website DA
Backlinks / Month (data in average)
Keywords Density
Boost traffic
High pages/session rate
High avg. visit duration
Bounce Rate (minus means good in this case)

Visibility Challenges in Google Search Results for Relevant Keywords

El Aleph is a luxury yacht charter company with operational areas in East Indonesian waters. This industry faces intense competition due to the presence of numerous similar companies in Indonesia. However, wanting to appear on the first page of Google, El Aleph website is not well optimized to be ranked on the first page of Google. In early August 2022, when we searched through Google PageSpeed Insights and SemRush Rank, it was evident that the numbers showed 41-15 (red indicator) for Web Load Speed, SEO Performance, and other indicators.


Improving User Engagement by Enhancing Website Experience

El Aleph’s website currently faces challenges in effectively engaging users due to technical issues and necessity to implement SEO strategies in the copywriting and content. Resulting in users being less motivated to engage meaningfully with the El Aleph website within an ideal timeframe.


Our Approach

SATUVISION leverages advanced SEO auditing tools and employ a team of skilled SEO and website experts to conduct comprehensive website analyses. Our experts utilize a range of techniques, including the SEO Audit, to ensure a thorough evaluation of your website’s performance and optimization. Rest assured that our meticulous approach and expert insights will uncover valuable opportunities to enhance your website’s SEO and maximize its online visibility.


How Our Team Execute It

  • Web Optimization & Loading Speed
  • Bugs and Errors Checking 
  • SEO Optimization


Through a series of experiments involving keyword optimization, On-Page and Off-Page SEO campaigns, as well as website backend enhancements, remarkable improvements were achieved. These efforts resulted in enhanced website quality and improved user experience on Google. The evidence supporting this positive outcome is reflected in the following data:

Web domain authority
Backlinks / month (data in average)
Keywords density
Pages / session
Avg. visit duration
Bounce rate (minus means good in this case)

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