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4 Tips for Doing Social Media Market Research

Back again, in the social media market research session, in the previous article we discussed what it is in general and its benefits. With more than 4.62 billion social media users by 2022 (Smart Insight), of course the impact of social media for business is unquestionable, right? Well, in this article we will discuss tips on doing social media market research that you can apply to maximize market research for your business. Let’s see!

There are several tips that need to be prepared to do social media market research. Check out the following tips.

Define target market

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In order to get more valid data, it is important to decide which target market you are going to target while doing your research. Knowing in advance what data you need to grow your business can help you decide how to proceed. Whether carrying out product development, product launches, obtaining data on customer satisfaction with the business services provided, or to track the behavior of target consumers.

Of course, choosing a target market will be easier if you already know why you are doing market research.

Choose the right approach method

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You can take three qualitative and quantitative approaches through social media features. The number of likes, comments, and shares can be used as a measure for the level of consumer engagement. While the qualitative approach usually uses social listening, where companies will make their own interpretations based on certain topics from the research that has been done, for example business industry trends. When you want to provide a choice of answers to consumers, you can do a poll.

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Define social media platforms

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Determining which social media you will use to conduct market research is no less important. Demographics and user behavior vary across social media platforms. Which social media platform is best for your company should be determined.

Maximize social media features

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Making the most of all available features to conduct online market research once you have chosen the appropriate platform for your company is a must. Determine exactly what content is relevant to your potential customers.

Businessman have to plan properly about the content they will post to make it interesting among the millions of posts on social media every day. Check out high-engagement posts that you have in common (like comments and shares) if you want to spark a conversation.

Those are some tips for doing social media market research. Hopefully you can make better use of the features on social media, to get the feedback you expect about your business. Good luck!

Andi is a Bachelor of Business Hospitality who has an interest in working especially in the marketing and business management. He has several achievements in competitions of Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Tourism Plan. Andi has a dream of being able to study abroad to contribute to his village.
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