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a woman is looking for a digital agency in bali that provides social media management services

Best Practices for Hotel Social Media Management

As consumers increasingly live in a digitally driven society, social media management for hotels is becoming more and more crucial. With the help of this low-cost marketing tool, you can establish your brand, share it with the world, grow a following, and interact with both current and potential customers. How can you advertise your hotel …

a woman holds a blue card and searching about the best marketplace in indonesia

The Best Marketplace in Indonesia 2022

Indonesian businesses are increasingly selling online and through marketplaces. In this fully digital era, business competition between Indonesia’s online marketplaces is becoming more intense. Based on information from iPrice, SATUVISION will talk about the best marketplace in Indonesia in this article. What are they? See the explanation below! Tokopedia Tokopedia saat ini menjadi marketplace nomor …

a woman is shopping online using her computer and figuring out marketplace marketing strategies from tokopedia and shopee

Tokopedia and Shopee’s Marketplace Marketing Strategy: 5 Secrets to Success

Many marketplace marketing strategies, like those used by Tokopedia and Shopee, have been effective in boosting sales. In this article, SATUVISION discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of using the marketplace, as well as the strategies that make Tokopedia and Shopee’s marketing campaigns successful. What are they? Look at the explanation below! What is a …

The Facebook Advertising Video Specs in 2021 header

The Facebook Advertising Video Specs in 2022

Facebook has the most sophisticated advertising system of any social network. It makes sense, because they have the most users. They have invested time and resources into creating a Facebook advertising video specs system that is both powerful and easy for their business clients. You will have more competition if you advertise on Facebook. Make your …

6 Tips for Effective Comparative Advertising header

6 Tips for Effective Comparative Advertising

In the previous article, we discussed that comparative advertising is a common marketing and promotion strategy used by businessman to subtly compare their products or services with those of competitors in an effort to persuade consumers to buy their products or services. However, you must understand the understanding and apply it properly to your business. …

4 Advantages of Facebook Ads Manager to Maximize Business Ads header

4 Advantages of Facebook Ads Manager to Maximize Business Ads

In the previous article, we discussed what Facebook Ads Manager is. Of the many choices of social media platforms, Facebook is no doubt for marketing matters. With this feature, Facebook is the right and effective choice for your business to advertise. This time, we will discuss the advantages of using Facebook Ads Manager. Previously, you …

Take Advantage of Facebook Ads Manager To Manage Your Ad Campaigns header

Take Advantage of Facebook Ads Manager To Manage Your Ad Campaigns

Currently, Facebook Ads Manager is one of the marketing tools that businesses must really take advantage of. Not without reason, Facebook is considered the best social media platform to do marketing for businessman. In addition, Facebook currently also has Instagram and WhatsApp. No need to doubt right? You can use this social media as a …


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