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Want to Do Keyword Research? Let’s Take Advantage of These 8 Free Keyword Research Tools!

Doing proper keyword research is necessary before choosing the best keywords for a piece of content. Fortunately, there are now many free keyword research tools that can help you do more effective keyword research for the basic and initial steps in search engine optimization (SEO).

By utilizing keyword research tools, you can quickly find keywords that are relevant to the needs of your target market and audience.

As a result, Google will mark your business content as SEO Friendly and prioritize it to appear at the top of the search results. Of course you want it, right? On this occasion, we will share information about free keyword research tools that you can use to increase your SEO and business traffic. Let’s get straight to it!

Google Search

The first free keyword research tools is Google Search. This tool is often underestimated for keyword research. When in fact, you may be able to get a lot of keyword ideas for your business by utilizing Google Search.

You can look for alternatives to the keyword “digital marketing agency”, for example. When you enter these keywords in Google Search, Google will provide a list of derived keywords for you to use.

google search display | free keyword research tools

Based on popularity and search volume, Google will suggest derived keywords listed in the search field. So, the keywords that people search for the most will be displayed. This implies that you can generate high-traffic potential content ideas using all of the derived keywords listed.

Google Trends

Google launched a platform called Google Trends which is very capable of doing keyword research. Google Trends can help you find the best keywords for your content, whether you’re a blogger, marketer, businessman, or something else. This is because this tool has data access to information obtained from Google real-time search results.

Google Trends has many advantages, therefore this tool is widely used by people who need it. The advantages of this tool are that it is able to have a search filter by region, displays a list of trending topics, displays the development of a topic within a certain time, has features and easy navigation to use.

google trends display | free keyword research tools

With the advantages of Google Trends, it allows you to measure and find out which keywords have a large search volume and are relevant for a given region. After that, simply determine which keywords you will use.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is another free keyword research tools from Google, which can help you find the right keywords, thanks to accurate data from Google. The difference is that this tool is part of the Google Ads service, this tool can also search for keywords for ads.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to find out the volume of keyword searches, the level of competition with competitors, and the cost of advertising on certain keywords.

You have two options for keyword research in Google Keyword Planner, namely Discover New Keywords (to search for new keywords) and Get Search Volumes & Forecast (to find search volumes and predictions).

google keyword planner display | free keyword research tools

Google Search Console

Another free keyword research tools to do keyword research and monitor website performance quite effectively is Google Search Console, which was launched by Google. With this tool, you can view keyword performance reports for all content. For example, how many clicks a content generates on each keyword, see how keywords are positioned in search results, and much more.

google search console display | free keyword research tools

In addition, Google Search Console is easy to use. Even this free keyword research tools can be easily monitored by integrating it with your WordPress business website.

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Keywordtool.io is a free tool to find keyword ideas and their derivatives. You can take advantage of the features in this tool to find and use hundreds of keyword ideas for your content.

There is no reason to doubt the capabilities of this tool. This is because Google is the only source of all the displayed data. Therefore, it is not surprising that this tool can provide long-tail keyword results that are complete and relevant to the audience’s search.

tool.io keyword display | free keyword research tools

Then, what are the advantages offered by this free keyword research tools? The ability to find keywords that even Google Keyword Planner can’t find. The keyword research results from this tool are more than just a Google search, but Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, and others.


In the world of SEO, Ubersuggest is a familiar tool. This keyword research tool offers features that are no less interesting than other tools. You can find new keyword ideas more easily with the help of this Neil Patel tool, which has various keyword research features. One of its superior features is the Keyword Analyzer.

The four main features of Ubersuggest’s Keyword Analyzer are Keyword Overview, Keyword Ideas, Keyword List, and Content Ideas.

Ubersuggest logo | free keyword research tools

You can use this free keyword research tools 3 times in one day. However, this limitation is a reasonable one considering this tool can be used free of charge.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

The next free keyword research tools is Moz Keyword Explorer, which has an attractive appearance and is easy to use, even for beginners. This tool displays some information related to keywords, such as monthly search volume, difficulty of keyword competition, CTR level for organic content, and priority score for each search keyword.

MOZ keyword explorer logo | free keyword research tools

Other free keyword research tools don’t offer CTR Metrics like Moz Keyword Explorer does. This CTR number shows how many people searched for that keyword by clicking on the link they found based on that keyword.

With a fairly large usage limit (10 times searches), this is an interesting feature of Moz Keyword Explorer. Unfortunately, the database of Moz search results in Indonesia is still rather small.

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SEMrush Keyword Tool

One of several SEO keyword research tools is the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool. Keyword Magic Tool is one of the main features of this tool.

SEMrush logo | free keyword research tools

You can find out some important information about the keywords you are currently searching for with Keyword Magic Tool, such as monthly search volume, keyword trends, keyword difficulty, estimated CPC in USD, and more.

In addition, this tool provides several results filtering features that are quite helpful for filtering keyword suggestions based on certain criteria.

Those are the recommendations for free keyword research tools from SATUVISION that you can try and use. By utilizing free keyword research tools, you can more effectively get keywords that are relevant to your audience to make it easier to be number one in search results. Make sure you choose keywords that have a high search volume, but with a fairly low level of competition with competitors. If you want to consult about the right keyword research for your business, let’s contact us!

Andi is a Bachelor of Business Hospitality who has an interest in working especially in the marketing and business management. He has several achievements in competitions of Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Tourism Plan. Andi has a dream of being able to study abroad to contribute to his village.
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