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9 UX Writing Tips for Effective Results!

In the previous article, we discussed what a UX writer is, right? This time, we will discuss 9 UX Writing tips that UX writers need to understand. Maybe some of you think that UX is all about design, which creates slick, attractive images and a pleasant user flow for them. Well, UX writer makes a copy whose activity is called UX Writing.

UX Writing is an important part of the UX world, where it will make it easier and provide the right information to users when accessing the website. That way, it will help users avoid confusion and create a better and more pleasant customer journey when accessing the website. UX Writing includes valuable text such as instructions, buttons, menus, explanations, section bars, and others that can attract audience interest.

Come on, SATUVISION will give you the right tips so that the copy you make is good and attracts the audience!

Make sure it’s clear and helpful

writing helpful tips on the cube | ux writing tips

When writing website copy, clarity of writing is an important factor to consider. Users will be easier to understand if the writing is clear.

For example, if you want to write a warning when the user is about to delete information. It’s a good idea to give specific details about what it will remove. Thus, users can make choices quickly and avoid accidentally deleting the wrong one.

Understand the audience

image of humans understanding each other | ux writing tips

Make sure you know who your target audience is before you start writing copy for your website. So, do some preliminary research to better understand your target audience more deeply.

It’s important to know who they are and what to expect when reading website copy. Knowing this will certainly make it easier to understand the flow of action from the user.

It will be much easier to choose the right language and make it easier for consumers to understand if you understand the flow they are going to do.


short writing on a paper | ux writing tips

The next UX Writing tips, namely writing concise copy is very important for a UX writer. The reason is so that users can read it faster and easier to understand. That doesn’t mean that short copies are always better. Users will certainly be confused if the writing is short but the meaning is not clear.

Therefore, keep your copy concise while keeping the meaning clear and easy to understand.


writing remains consistent on a paper | ux writing tips

Inconsistency in word choice is one of the problems to avoid when making a copy or microcopy.

Users will become confused and have difficulty understanding the copy on the website, such as an explanation of the products or services you sell on your website. The explanation given must be consistent, and not use contradictory words.

Use easy-to-understand words

a man who reads things and understands easily | ux writing tips

A UX writer is better off using simple language that users can understand. Remember that the purpose of writing copy for a website is to make it easier for readers to understand, so choose a language that is more familiar to them.

Use active sentences

use active sentences, not passive | ux writing tips

The next UX Writing tips is to use active sentences. While there is nothing wrong with writing in the passive sentences, using the active sentences is often more helpful in UX Writing. With an active sentence, your copy will be more precise and targeted to the audience. It will also be more interesting to use active sentences because your copy will look clearer and stronger.

Try to compare these two sentences:

  • Subscribe for the latest digital trends and news
  • For the latest digital trends and news, you must subscribe

When compared, of course, users will find it easier to understand the command of the first sentence that uses the active sentence.

Customize the copy with the voice of the company

a woman holding a sound image | ux writing tips

One important aspect to keep in mind when writing a copy is the tone of the company’s voice. Get to know the company’s tone of voice. Then find words that reflect the personality of the company.

For example, the company has a relaxed and vibrant tone of voice. So, you can use words that reflect this like “What are you waiting for, let’s contact us immediately!” instead of using “If you are interested, you can contact the available contacts”.

Make a positive copy

writing to stay positive | ux writing tips

You want users to have a positive experience the first time they visit your website, right? So, in order for the target audience to get a positive impression, your copy must also be positive. Negative statements should be avoided to achieve this.

Of course, you don’t always have to follow this rule. For example, using “don’t” isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it can be used to emphasize something. However, when describing your company’s products or services, try to avoid using such sentences.

Don’t write down all the information

a woman with a posture that says no | ux writing tips

And the last UX Writing tips, in order to avoid user confusion it is sometimes important to provide additional information as well. However, you should keep in mind that too much information shown can confuse users.

So that users can get the information they need without getting confused, you can use the “Read more” copy trick and redirect them to a page that is more specific to the information they want to know. This will also give your website a “clear” feel, but it won’t take away any company-related information.

Those are 9 UX Writing tips so that the copy you produce is effective. Of course, building a website will involve many parties, not only about a design but about the writing or copy that will be displayed on the website page as well. Good copy can also be a CTA for the results you expect from website visitors, sales for example. Well, if you are planning to create a website for your company but are having trouble making a copy, SATUVISION can help you. In addition, we can also assist in the creation of your company website from 0. If you want a consultation about the website, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Commissioner, Dario Genovese, holds an IAB diploma as Digital Marketing Manager and shows a decade of freelance & agency experience. He also worked in a managerial position in a renovated digital agency and managed several big clients.
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