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Apply Comparative Advertising So Your Business Is One Step In Front Of The Competitors

Comparative advertising is one of the unique ways and is still often applied by many businessman. This strategy is very feasible to implement, because it can help businessman so that their products or services have more potential customers and a wider market reach. The message in this advertising strategy is very useful, which can help consumers to compare the value of a business’s product or service with other businesses.

By implementing comparative advertising, businesses can increase brand awareness to sales. However, the implementation of this strategy should not be arbitrary. You must draft the ad well and not be too “aggressive”. If the comparative advertising of your business is too visible, this will have a negative impact both socially and at worst towards the legal realm. Well, on this occasion, we will discuss it so that you can understand it effectively.

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What is Comparative Advertising?

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Comparative advertising is a common marketing and promotion strategy used by businessman to subtly compare their products or services with those of competitors in an effort to persuade consumers to buy their products or services.

This ad emphasizes the superiority of your business product or service compared to those of competitors in the market. Businesses that use comparative advertising usually focus their comparisons on value, quality, and price.

This effort to openly compare products or services goes a long way in increasing customer loyalty and serves as a branding tool to highlight the uniqueness of your business against competitors. Therefore, it is important first to create a USP or Unique Selling Point for the business first.

Advantages of Comparative Advertising for Your Business

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Of course, the fact that this form of strategy is so effective in attracting consumers is one of the reasons why it is so popular. This is because comparative advertising targets comparison shoppers. They are people who like to compare products before making a purchase. In addition, the following are the advantages of implementing this strategy:

  • Explain how unique and competitive a product or service is that competitors do not have
  • Increase brand image and brand awareness
  • Optimal product excellence are emphasized in response to consumer demand
  • Increase the number of new customers and make it easier to persuade them to try your new product or service
  • Useful for doing market research and comparing your product or service with competitors. In addition, business people will get detailed information and specific facts about the performance of products or services to consumers

Example of Comparative Advertising Application

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Comparing Values

Basically, this strategy will be used by businessman to market their products or services by stating that their products or services are more effective than those of competitors. In other words, this strategy aims to compare the value of a product or service by measuring it with competitors’ products or services.

For example, a shoe business may display one pair of their shoes next to four pairs of competitors’ shoes to show that their product offers four times the durability of a competitor’s product.

Emphasizing Customer Lifestyle

Advertising that emphasizes the lifestyle of consumers rather than the features of the product or service itself is another comparative advertising method that is often used by business people. In other words, businesses produce advertisements that show the ideal lifestyle of consumers of a product or service and compare it with those of competitors. It is a practical method of demonstrating the advantages one business has over another.

Consumer Feedback

In addition to the previous examples of comparative advertising, consumer testimonials are the following strategy that can collect feedback from consumers about the reasons that make them choose your business product or service over competitors’ products or services.

On a business website or social media, you can display testimonials from consumers who have used your product or service and are happy to be satisfied after trying it. This strategy can be used to show that your business product or service is superior without directly discussing competitors’ products or services.

That’s an explanation of comparative advertising. If you plan to implement advertising in your business marketing, you can take advantage of the right digital marketing agency to make the process easier. SATUVISION is ready to help you with this! With experienced staff in digital marketing, we will ensure your ad campaign is a success. Come on, contact us immediately!

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