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Do I need Google Ads – Display Advertising?

Talking about the need for Google Ads Display advertising depends on the user. The Google Display Network, or GDN as it is often called, is often not used in Google Ads. It’s complex, overwhelming, with lots of bells and whistles, while Google Search Ads are so much simpler. The Google Display Network can provide excellent supporting results to a strong Google Search Ads campaign if done correctly.

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Search Vs Display

Before you begin developing a Google Ads Display Network strategy, it’s important to understand the distinctions between search and display. The most well-known type of sponsored internet advertising is search engine display advertising, which appears above and below organic results.

Google Ads Display are advertisements that are displayed (displayed) on websites that don’t search engines. Banner or picture ads, however, are not the only form of display advertising; text ads may also be included. Both options offer certain advantages and roles in a strong PPC plan.

The most popular usage of display advertising is because they appear alongside search results pages where user intent is more apparent. If a person searches for something and your ad appears next to it, and it is relevant to the query, there’s a good chance that they will not just click on your ad but also convert.

Users are in a seeking mentality on the search network while they are actively searching, making their desire to learn more about a certain subject, product or service much more transparent.

The term “Display” is used to describe a more passive function, as the person seeing the ad did not see it as a result of entering a search query into a search engine. Rather, they’re seeing advertisements on external web sites for some other specific reason.

When you go to a search engine and enter queries, the advertisements on external, or non-search engine sites, resemble those seen in a newspaper or magazine – you’re more inclined to glance around them or pass by them to get to the material you were really looking for.

As a result, because of the differences in user mentality and performance objectives when interacting with an advertiser’s advertisements, display advertising necessitates a distinct attitude and performance goals than search advertising. When contemplating how to incorporate Google Ads Display Network into your mix, think about it this way:

In-market mobile search advertising can reach individuals who are interested in something you’ve classified as a good match to the goods your advertisements are promoting, right at the time they’re about to view your ad.

Google Ads Display Network are shown on pages that are not search engine pages. They are seen by people who are doing other things. Sometimes people will see the ads, but there is no connection between the ads and what they are looking at.

Remarketing – The Search/Display Hybrid

Then there’s remarketing… it’s a marriage of the prior two elements. Remarketing is a form of display advertising that is only activated if someone has previously visited your web site or landing page or has been targeted as being “similar” to individuals who have visited your site.

It’s possible to make it extremely general, showing google ads display to anybody who has ever visited my site permanently and perpetually. Alternatively, it may be very particular, displaying an ad to someone who came to your website and looked at boots but didn’t buy them about those specific boots for 36 hours after their initial online visit. It’s all about you, it can be what you want it to be, and it can also be everything in between.

Remarketing is intended to help you get more of the individuals who didn’t bite as hard as you’d hoped from your search Google ads display. Perhaps purchases are more common in your industry, product, or service and a customer needs more time to think about it.

It’s possible that they’re a savvy searcher who has been trained to avoid completing a cart checkout on the first try since they expect to see advertising offering further discounts or benefits. Or, they may simply be preoccupied and get interrupted during a process for which they intended to finish. Remarketing Google ads display can be just what the doctor ordered for folks who need a little nudge towards completing that converting action.

Getting Started

Google Ads Display Network has been a top priority for AdWords to grow into a system that allows either company owners or professional consultants or agencies to develop and manage them. The screen you arrive at after clicking Create A New Google Display Network Campaign illustrates this perfectly.

The first step is to either build your campaign yourself manually or use Google’s more paint-by-numbers tools to generate a campaign that they believe fits your stated goals.

This lesson is designed more toward individuals who want to utilize the manual options to build their campaigns. The default option is to use one of Google Ads Display pre-determined alternatives, so you’ll need to select the radio button for “No Marketing Objective.”

After you’ve decided what type of campaign to run, the next screen is very similar to that of a search campaign’s basic settings. You can choose where your advertisements will appear or not appear, set various bidding strategies, budgets, ad schedules, and so on.

Google Ads Display Service

It’s time to choose and hire a digital marketing company once you’ve gone through all of your choices. If that time comes, the article above should be able to help you find the best fit for your business. Consider hiring SATUVISION if you haven’t found the ideal firm yet.

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