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Google Discovery Ads | Take Advantage To Find Your Audience Faster

Google launched a feature to advertise business products or services in a new way at the end of 2019. With the arrival of Google Discovery Ads (last updated March 2022), which aims to help users find your business products or services on Google-affiliated sites and apps. You can target audiences on Google’s flagship platforms, such as Gmail and Youtube, by using Google Discovery Ads.

In this article, apart from discussing what Google Discovery Ads are, we will also discuss how it works and its advantages. Letsgo!

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What is Google Discovery Ads?

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Google Discover Ads is a simple method of getting your business products and services to appear in Google feeds to a specific audience who are most likely to buy them. Ads testing, targeting, and campaign optimization are part of Google Discovery Ads, which allows you to create the right target audience across Google-affiliated platforms such as Gmail, YouTube, and other websites.

The target schema you create will trigger Google Discovery Ads. Google collects information about users based on the websites they visit, the apps they download, the videos they watch, and the searches they perform. This is the aspect that Google uses to target the audience. Therefore, instead of responding to existing audience requests, Google Discovery Ads generates new audience requests.

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How it Works

Of course you are wondering how Google Discovery Ads work? Here is the explanation.

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Plan a campaign

The first thing you should do is create a marketing campaign. You’ll need to follow a general procedure to create a campaign that Google will give you later. Typically, you’ll need to name your campaign, choose the language and location of your target audience, set a budget, and if necessary, set a campaign start and end date.


Google Discovery Ads will continue to the next stage of development, targeting. Audience segmentation within markets, interests, and demographics is part of this targeting process. You can also retarget website visitors and use potential customers as targets again based on how they interact with the company’s business. The following are the types of Google Discovery Ads targeting audiences:

  • Remarketing: You can use this targeting based on their previous interactions, such as visiting a website, buying a product or service, or watching a video.
  • Detailed Demographic: You can use this targeting based on age, gender, relationship status, education, and location.
  • In-Market Audience: You can use this targeting based on the audience that is looking for a specific product. Google’s in-market has a very wide audience, such as people looking for cars, computers, homes, clothes, etc.
  • Live Events: You can use this targeting based on the audience that will start the important event.
  • Affinity ads Custom Intent: You can use this targeting based on user interests as seen from their browsing history.

Ad creation

Ad creation is the last phase in Google Discovery Ads. You must upload a selection of high-resolution photos, brand logos, and ad titles here. This is an important factor because these three elements will form the foundation of your ad campaign. Once created, Google will automatically show Discovery Ads elements to the target audience, such as photos and titles, to increase conversions.

To map searches according to the purpose of launching ads, Google will consider the websites users visit, the apps they use, and the videos they watch.

Benefits of Google Discovery Ads

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Quoted from Cyberclick, here are the benefits of Google Discovery Ads.

  1. Able to reach the company’s target audience on a large scale
  2. Can target audiences specifically based on their interests and behavior
  3. The ads displayed are immersive and interactive
  4. Encourage interaction with Google’s “Customer Intent” technology
  5. Automated bidding options to maximize conversions, target cost per action, and more

By taking advantage of Google Discovery Ads, you are one step ahead of your competition and help you find the right audience quickly. For Google Ads and other digital marketing services, don’t hesitate to contact SATUVISION!

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