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How To Do Youtube Keyword Research? Efficient Way To Increase View!

If you are pioneering on the Youtube platform, whether it’s promoting a business or becoming a content creator, of course getting high viewers is what you expect, right? One way that can be done is by doing keyword research Youtube. So, how to do Youtube keyword research? Did you know, more than a quarter of the world’s population uses Youtube every month (GMI). No wonder, Youtube is a powerful marketing platform to promote your business.

Just imagine, if you have created good content but the viewers are still few. Of course you will wonder why that is right? This is because your content does not appear on the Youtube homepage, and one of the reasons is that your Youtube keywords are not right for the target viewer. So it is very important to do Youtube keyword research, you need to find out what keywords are the most searched for from the type of business you offer.

That’s right, in this article you will find the answer!

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What is Youtube Keyword Research?

Youtube keyword research is a way to find keywords that people usually use to search for content on Youtube. By using the right keywords, this will give the opportunity for the content you create to appear on the homepage and even in the top rankings of Youtube according to the type and keyword of content. In this way, the content has the opportunity to get high viewers.

In addition, by doing this research you will get interesting keyword ideas and topics according to the type of content and business you are running. For example, the keyword “smart card” which is still discussing this technology in general, has a derivative of the keyword “smart business card”. Initially you create content about smart cards for the purpose of exchanging personal information, you can also create content on smart cards for business purposes.

Why Are Youtube Keywords Important?

If you’re still unsure how important these Youtube keywords are, here’s why!

Get More Viewers

Not much different from Google, Youtube also has an algorithm that shows search results based on content ranking. Where, one of the indicators that determine the ranking of this content is the use of keywords that are relevant to the content. Keywords on Youtube can be inserted in the title, description, hashtag, and others.

If the use of these keywords is successful, then your content will get a good ranking or maybe top in search results. In other words, your content will get a high viewer. Examples of high-ranking content can be seen in the following image.

display of youtube content with high ranking | how to do youtube keyword research

Make it Easy for Target Viewers to Find Content

By targeting specific keywords, this will reduce the scope of competition with other Youtubers. So, your content will be easier to reach the target audience. The better and more relevant you do keyword research for content, the easier it will be for the content to be found by the target audience and the view opportunities will also increase.

Knowing the Content Most Viewers Are Searching for According to Topic and Keyword

With Youtube keyword research, you can find out relevant content ideas according to which business or topic viewers are looking for the most. Despite the fact that you can create content according to your wishes, sometimes the content may not be of interest to potential viewers.

How To Do Youtube Keyword Research That Right For Your Channel?

Here are some ways you can do to find the right Youtube keywords!

Take Advantage of Tools for Keyword Research

There are several tools that you can use to do YouTube keyword research, here we will provide a list!


keywordtool.io logo | how to do youtube keyword research

KeywordTool.io is a tool for conducting keyword research on various platforms, from Instagram, Google, Bing, to Youtube. The features offered by this tool, such as keyword ideas along with their search volume information, keyword trends for the past year, CPC, and keyword competition with competitors.


vidIQ logo | how to do youtube keyword research

VidIQ is a tool in the form of an extension that you can install on your browser. After this tool is installed, you can see keyword ideas, trends, videos that are currently popular, keyword competitors, and much more.


tubebuddy logo | how to do youtube keyword research

This tool is specially made for doing keyword research on Youtube. These tools offer features that can make your research easier, such as the best times to publish content, hashtag searches, content topic planning, and more.


ubersuggest logo | how to do youtube keyword research

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool for Youtube that can be used for free. In addition, this tool provides several additional features, such as SEO analysis, checking backlinks, keyword ideas, and much more.

Know the Keywords Used by Competitors

Judging from the competitors’ titles and descriptions, you can actually see the keywords used. However, you can do more in-depth research by looking at the meta tags of competitors’ content.

Well, the way is by right-clicking on the description section and selecting “view page resource

page resource youtube display | how to do youtube keyword research

Then, press CTRL+F, then type keyword. There you will see what keywords are used by competitors.

display ctrl+f keywords on youtube page source | how to do youtube keyword research

Use Youtube’s Autocomplete Feature

And lastly, you can take advantage of the autocomplete feature of Youtube. Getting keyword ideas can not only be done through the tools above, but you can search for keyword ideas naturally and for free! That is by taking advantage of this autocomplete feature.

The method is simple, first you need to enter the Youtube search field. After that, you can see popular search results according to your content topic or business. Here is an example.

autocomplete youtube display | how to do youtube keyword research

That was our way of doing YouTube keyword research. Getting high views is the dream of all Youtubers, isn’t it? Moreover, if you are starting a business or want to become a content creator, using some of the tools above for in-depth research is certainly worth doing. It should be realized, if you want your content to get a good and high ranking on the Youtube search page then you have to do good research on the keywords as well. Come on, develop your Youtube channel with SATUVISION. We are ready to help you in doing keyword research for your Youtube content. Get your content to the top of Youtube search rankings with us!

Our Commissioner, Dario Genovese, holds an IAB diploma as Digital Marketing Manager and shows a decade of freelance & agency experience. He also worked in a managerial position in a renovated digital agency and managed several big clients.
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