Introducing Google Search Console New Design header

Introducing Google Search Console New Design

Many SEOs users use Google Search Console multiple times a day. The Google Search Console New Design appears to be fresh and clean, yet the functionality has not changed.

Google has updated the interface to Google Search Console, which provides a better user experience and is also easier to use! You will see the new design once you log in to your Google Search Console account at search.google.com/search-console/welcome.

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Google Search Console Rolls Out New Design – Better and Powerful

On 22 November 2021, Google roll out a new UI for its pioneer platform Google Search Console.

Google has added several new features to Google Search Console in the last year. Google Search Console used to be known as Google Webmaster two years ago, and SEO experts utilized Google Search Console for certain features/tools like sitemap updating or robots.txt checks.

A new home for your Google Search Console data on Google Developers” is how Google describes Google Search Console. They explained Google Webmaster is still available, but Google Search Console has a newer design, better than before.

However, with new analytics tools and reports, Google has made the Google Search Console new design even more powerful!

Finally, Google has made the Google Webmaster ugly face look better! Google primary objective, that Google claims, is to simplify and improve Google web development process while providing a faster and more user-friendly experience on the new design of the Google Search Console.

Google wants webmasters to spend more time on Google Search Console and monitor their website performance and upgrades with this new User Interface update.

Google also introduced a Search Console Insight feature in the Google search console this year, allowing users to see how their website has performed in the past 28 days and how off-page activities/link building impact it.

What is new in the Google Search Console new design?

Google has made no changes to the left-hand side navigation menu and no new fields have been added to the performance report regarding website statistics.

As per the initial review, Google has only changed the design of the Google Search Console, where the background color is updated to sky blue and the blocks to show website statics and other information are given a new curved border design.

The new design is more mobile-friendly design, with information blocks becoming mobile responsive and users being able to view information easily on their phones.

Google Search Console Rolls Out New Design - Better and Powerful

Google Search Console Layout Is More Neat and Organized

Google has not done any changes to Google Search Console interface, but only changed it into Google Search Console with a new design. Google added new vertical line stylish borders to the Google Search Console blocks. Google has also added a new feature “Mobile Usability” in Google Search Console, where you can see whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Google Search Console new design layout is neater and organized in new sky blue Google Search Console background. Google also added another new feature in Google Search Console, where you can set up an email alert for Google Search Console data updates. Google Search Console will notify you via email when Google has updated site information in Google Search Console.

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