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The Best TikTok Content to Make Your Business Go Viral

Tiktok has proven that the platform is a great social media marketing tool, with more than 3 billion downloads to date (Backlinko). If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, your business will miss out on many opportunities to grow and connect with new audiences. At Tiktok, video content is everything. So it’s important to create strong, engaging, and unique Tiktok content ideas. In addition, knowing your content posting schedule is something to be aware of as well, every industry has different audience habits. We will discuss here, the idea of Tiktok content and how often it is ideal to post content on Tiktok. Let’s get started!

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Tiktok Content Ideas

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Branded hashtag challenge

Hashtags have become the weapon of many social media to expand audience reach, as well as on Tiktok. Creating a branded hashtag challenge certainly has to be interesting, with that you can increase brand awareness and attract the audience to engage in your content which leads to higher engagement.

Educational videos

Most people might just think Tiktok is just for silly and uneducational content, that’s wrong! Tiktok can be a great platform to share educational and informative content, it can increase your credibility. You can create content about your brand, product, or Industry.

Working with influencers

While some large influencers charge a hefty fee, you can work with micro-influencers. These influencers must be related to your industry and have at least a few thousand followers. Working with influencers can expand the reach of your audience, because influencers have loyal followers with them. Mostly, their followers will believe what they do and say.

Tutorial video

A step-by-step guide on how to do something very successful on Tiktok. Most users will be looking for “hacks” that they can use in their daily life, what you can do is create video tutorials about your brand or product. By doing this, it is hoped that it will help the audience understand and maybe (if they are new to your product) will be interested in buying your product.

Tiktok trends are popular and high-engagement videos, there is always new viral content circulating on Tiktok. A trend can be an audio clip inserted in different content to make it unique, a remake of a trending video, or even a dance or music trend. But you should still engage your brand or product, stay a version of yourself, and reach new audiences this way. Make sure you know and understand the current trends, of course you don’t want to accidentally create content for your brand.

Branded filters

As with Instagram, content creators can create branded filters into videos. Creating your brand filter is a great way to increase brand awareness and increase audience engagement with the brand, but keep in mind that this should be done well and not haphazardly creating filters.

How Often to Post on Tiktok

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On Tiktok, there is something known as the “Tiktok Golden Rule” where we post at least 1 time per day. Doing this will help your audience perceive that your activity exists and has the commitment and consistency to post content. But you need to do more to grow your audience engagement and presence on Tiktok. How often you post content will also affect how your content will be distributed to the platform (Tiktok recommends posting 1-3 times a day). To find the right posting schedule for your audience, keep an eye on your content’s performance and keep improvising until you find the right frequency.

Utilize Tiktok so that your business has high brand awareness, is the right choice. After reading this article, you know what content ideas are good for your business industry. However, in its application you may still be confused. Don’t worry, you can consult us. Contact us now for more information about the right Tiktok content for your business!

Our Commissioner, Dario Genovese, holds an IAB diploma as Digital Marketing Manager and shows a decade of freelance & agency experience. He also worked in a managerial position in a renovated digital agency and managed several big clients.
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