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Is Twitter Marketing Strategy Still Relevant for Business Today?

Right now you must be wondering, is the Twitter marketing strategy still relevant for business? Of course, yes still! As long as you apply the right strategy.

Twitter is a social media that has 396 million users, being a source of the latest information and an effective platform for marketing (Backlinko). Twitter marketing strategies can grow an audience, get leads, audience engagement, and traffic. The most important thing businesses want is brand popularity, but the average tweet only lasts a maximum of 18 minutes and is eventually lost to other tweets (Stanton Communication). That’s why you need to implement the right Twitter marketing strategy so that your tweet marketing doesn’t get lost quickly and is effective for your brand’s popularity.

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Create Interesting Tweets

Creating interesting and brand-relevant tweets is the first thing you should do for brand popularity, in other words tweets will be the basis of your Twitter marketing strategy. This is because it increases the popularity of the brand, the audience should talk about your brand in the tweets you create, and retweet them. Keep in mind, your audience will love it when you create tweets that are entertaining and make them feel connected to you and other audience members.


Consistency is necessary if you want your brand to be remembered by your audience. Schedule when you’ll post tweets without long breaks, but that doesn’t mean you have to post any tweets to keep them active. Tweets that you make must be interesting and have quality, the audience will not be interested if you make tweets just to look active.


Giveaways are a good way to grow your brand’s popularity, it should be your Twitter marketing strategy. Giveaways get a large audience to engage with your tweets, share them with their relatives, and mention your brand in their tweets. Ultimately, your tweets will reach a larger audience which will positively affect the popularity of your brand. If a tweet from your brand’s giveaway gets a lot of audience engagement, there’s a good chance that your brand will get a spot on the trending topic list.

Please note, trending topics are topics that are actively searched, discussed, and tweeted by many people, or there is a possibility that a topic becomes a trend because it is discussed by influencers or artists. You can take advantage of trending topics as tweets. Using a trending topic, you can potentially reach a wider audience who might retweet your tweets.


In simple terms, hashtags can be defined as keywords of a topic. Hashtags can be used to follow or search for specific topics which makes hashtags an important part of Twitter’s marketing strategy. Use niche-related hashtags in your tweets to reach an audience that follows your hashtag topic. This will increase audience engagement and increase brand popularity!

Tweet Ads

Twitter ads allow you to promote your brand by targeting the right audience. Utilizing Twitter ads, you can promote your brand, tweets, and topics as topics that you will trend on Twitter and allow you to gain new audiences who may be interested in becoming your subscribers.

All social media marketing strategies are still relevant today, including the Twitter marketing strategy. It all depends on your needs and implementation of your business or brand. If you do the marketing strategy right, you will get benefits that you never thought possible. SATUVISION can help you in implementing the right Twitter marketing strategy, contact us immediately!

Our Commissioner, Dario Genovese, holds an IAB diploma as Digital Marketing Manager and shows a decade of freelance & agency experience. He also worked in a managerial position in a renovated digital agency and managed several big clients.
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