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Video Advertising | Marketing Ways You Must Know

Have you tried various marketing methods but don’t see a big increase in your business revenue? Maybe you can try a video advertising strategy. Videos are the perfect means to effectively introduce your product or service to your audience. Indirectly, this strategy can help increase your business sales.

Reporting from Vidyard, utilizing video advertising for sales will increase the response rate for more than 70% of sales representatives. Seeing this, of course you will consider starting video advertising from now on for your business, right?

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Know What is Video Advertising

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Video advertising is an advertisement that is packaged in video format, both online through advertisements, and offline through brochures, for example. With video being one of the most popular methods of doing this, it’s no surprise that people choose information in an easy and engaging format over text. The allure of video advertising to audiences is evident, and as a result, video advertising is a type of marketing that is well worth investing in for your business.

The ease of targeting an audience is one of the advantages of video advertising. You can easily identify who your target audience is, research their search history, and find out when is the best time to show them your ad, just as you can with other types of online advertising.

Types of Video Advertising

As a businessman, you can take advantage of various forms of video advertising. Here are the types that you need to know.

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In-stream Advertising

This is the most common type of ad. The form is a short video that appears before, during, or after the content you want to show and contains a promotion for a business’s products or services.

Non-linier Advertising

This ad format is an ad that appears outside of the main video. When the user clicks on it, the current video will stop playing and, if desired by the viewer, will be replaced with a skippable ad video.

Rewarded Advertising

These ads are mostly aimed at gamers, who give special incentives and benefits in return for watching these ads. Prizes can be in any form that will help players in playing the game.

Native Autoplay Advertising

At the end of the content, this ad will play. It will usually be highly relevant to what the audience is looking for or what they find in the content they like.

Shoppable Video Advertising

These ads encourage the audience to buy a particular product or service. After watching this ad, a link will appear that directs the audience to buy the advertised product or service. This may be the case with apps, social media, and other video-sharing sites.

Native Video Advertising

This is a very sophisticated type of advertising. This allows the audience to engage and contribute to the viewing experience of an ad.

Reasons Why You Should Use Video Advertising For Your Business

There are several reasons you should consider using this method, of course it will benefit your business.

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Continuous Video and Social Media

With the proliferation of different types of video content on social media, it’s important to know that posting video advertising on social media platforms can help you maximize your reach and conversions.

Audience Prefers Watching Videos

Videos on social media are more attractive to audiences these days, and encourage them to communicate with each other on your business’s social media accounts. Videos are more interesting because they can provide images to help obtain information about your business products or services. You can invest in something your audience wants by using content on videos. You certainly agree that watching videos is more interesting than reading text in paragraphs, right?

Reach of Video Advertising

Video ads will be able to reach more audiences similar to your target demographic if presented and targeted properly. The consumer market, immersive experience, more customized information, and higher relevance are all factors that have contributed to the increasing popularity of advertising.

Video-Sharing Audience Tendency is Higher

Because so many social media sites prioritize videos over photos, videos are more likely to be seen by an audience. Moreover, today’s audience loves to share video content. Videos are easier to convey and understand.

As video advertising becomes more popular and mainstream on social media platforms, new and diverse features appear to complement it, bringing all kinds of latest trends. Here are some video advertising trends that you can apply.

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Shorter Video Ads

Short video ads are ideal for dealing with a lack of audience concentration. This may give a business a challenge to video a product or service in less than 15 seconds by ensuring that the advertising message is well received and grabs the attention of the audience.


Over the top (OTT) is a term that refers to content providers who use the internet to distribute streaming video. Advertising on this platform allows businesses to leverage targeting, ad insertion, and analytics to deliver shorter, more tailored ads to their audience.

Mobile-First Video Advertising

Mobile devices are one of the most widely used tools to access various content and information because of their mobility. As a result, more mobile-friendly video advertising will help reach and engage more audiences.

User-Generated Content

Audience content can be used to establish positive relationships and contacts with potential audiences in the future. If done right, their emotional connection can also be well-formed.

That’s the discussion about video advertising. If you want to get better results for marketing your business, taking advantage of this method is well worth trying. If you have any questions regarding video advertising, don’t hesitate to contact SATUVISION!

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