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4 Advantages of Facebook Ads Manager to Maximize Business Ads

In the previous article, we discussed what Facebook Ads Manager is. Of the many choices of social media platforms, Facebook is no doubt for marketing matters. With this feature, Facebook is the right and effective choice for your business to advertise. This time, we will discuss the advantages of using Facebook Ads Manager.

Previously, you have read that Facebook Ads Manager should be used as an ad management tool. But, what are the advantages that this tool provides to its users?

Wider advertising platform

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As explained above if Facebook currently owns Instagram, by taking advantage of this feature you can also run your ad campaign on that platform as well.

So you can target your audience based on the social media platforms they use. Each platform undoubtedly has its own advantages and disadvantages, and as a businessmen, you need to customize it according to your business needs.

Multiple objective options in Facebook Ads Manager

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There are many different goals that you can choose from, and you can customize these goals according to the goals of the ads you’re running. There are three options, awareness, consideration, and conversion.

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Various ad format options

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This tool allows you to design ads not only in text but also in carousel, single image, single video, and also slide shows. To get clients to take actions that will benefit your business, all you need to do is make your ads as creative as possible.

More specific and relevant audiences

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The last benefit of this tool is to create a more specific and relevant audience according to your business. You can adjust various factors for your target audience.

Well, that’s the advantages of Facebook Ads Manager that you need to know. Of course this will benefit your business right? So don’t hesitate to take advantage of it! We, SATUVISION are ready to help you in the application of Facebook Ads Manager for your business. If you are interested, contact us.

Andi is a Bachelor of Business Hospitality who has an interest in working especially in the marketing and business management. He has several achievements in competitions of Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Tourism Plan. Andi has a dream of being able to study abroad to contribute to his village.
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