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Take Advantage of Facebook Ads Manager To Manage Your Ad Campaigns

Currently, Facebook Ads Manager is one of the marketing tools that businesses must really take advantage of. Not without reason, Facebook is considered the best social media platform to do marketing for businessman. In addition, Facebook currently also has Instagram and WhatsApp. No need to doubt right? You can use this social media as a social media marketing platform for your business.

Then, do you know what Facebook Ads Manager is? On this occasion, we will describe it. Let’s go!

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What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool launched by Facebook which allows you to create and manage ads on this social media platform in an easy, practical, and complete way. Facebook launched this management system specifically for businesses who want to advertise their products or services professionally.

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With each step explained succinctly and clearly, this tool also allows you to design, edit, and view the results of any Facebook ad campaign you run. These tools are expected to be useful for various marketing purposes, especially for start-up businesses. This is because all of your ad campaigns can be managed by this tool’s comprehensive management system.

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Facebook Ads Manager Features

As explained above, Facebook Ads Manager is a tool to easily run your business ad campaigns on this platform. There are features provided by this tool, but keep in mind if you have to learn it first in order for your ad campaign to be successful. Well, here are the features provided.

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Commerce Manager

The commerce manager feature is one of the tools that allows you to manage Facebook sales and catalogs. Commerce manager is available to all Facebook Ads Manager users, who can use it to market their products or services.

Uniquely, you don’t need a store to take advantage of this feature, but if you sell a product or service that has an offline location, you can create a Facebook shop page and take advantage of this feature. Which later, your offline store can be developed into an online store. To use this function to its full potential, you need to study it well so that it can be used to its full potential.

Ads Manager

You can manage all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads at once with this function. Ad creation, ad duplication, ad editing, and other features are included in this ad management feature.

In this ad management dashboard, you can also quickly enable and disable ads easily.

Ad Account Settings

You can customize payment methods, make payments, and change company information in this ad account settings menu. Apart from adding admins, you can also disable ad accounts.


You can view all payment transactions in this menu, especially those related to the remaining ad account real-time balance.


You can view custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and audiences saved in your ad account in this audiences menu.

Business Arrangement

Lastly, business arrangements. The business page account you have now will be shown here.

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After reading this article, are you ready to run your first advertising campaign on Facebook? Of course you don’t want to miss the tool’s features by using it, right? If you are still confused about Facebook Ads Manager, don’t hesitate to contact SATUVISION!

Andi is a Bachelor of Business Hospitality who has an interest in working especially in the marketing and business management. He has several achievements in competitions of Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Tourism Plan. Andi has a dream of being able to study abroad to contribute to his village.
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