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Get New Customers with Facebook Ads Lead to Improve Your Sales!

You must be wondering, what ways can be applied on Facebook to get identified and find out new prospects for your business? Facebook Ads Lead is the answer! This is an excellent digital marketing platform for your business. Check out this article to find out what Facebook Ads Lead are and why you should consider this platform for your business!

Facebook Ads Lead is a digital marketing platform that allows you to get close to your potential audience in an effective and efficient way. Because Facebook Ads Lead can identify potential audiences and collect their information such as email address, name, age, place of residence, and other information through a precise form where potential audiences see your ads, such as Facebook News Feed, Articles, Messenger, Facebook Stories, and others. When filling out this form, potential audiences don’t need to leave the Facebook page. After filling out this form, your potential audience has qualified as a “prospect,” or people who have shown their interest in what your business has to offer.

The information collected through Facebook Ads Lead is very useful for your business marketing interests. The good news, Facebook Ads Lead is very friendly with mobile users, so you don’t have to worry if your prospects are more likely to use mobile phones than laptops/computers. No one wants to be redirected to a new page if they’re already on your page for some reason, so it’s important to maintain a positive user experience (UX) and impression on your prospects. By taking advantage of these Facebook Leads, of course you have the opportunity to get new leads and increase sales from your business!

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The Reasons Why You Should Start Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Focused on potential audience

The leads gained from forms filled out via Facebook Ads Lead are highly focused on the interests, demographics, and data filled in. This means that the leads you get from Facebook Ads Lead are already eligible for what your business has to offer.

Simple to collect data

All data collection is done on your Facebook page, no need to worry about creating conversion paths or new pages for this. To get new leads, everything you need is already on the platform. Facebook makes it very easy to integrate with your CRM, making all this valuable data in your business circle.

Mobile friendly

In this digital era, people really prioritize mobility. Not to worry, Facebook Ads Lead is very mobile and tablet friendly so prospects are more likely to interact with your ad. Lead Ads are designed to be compatible and responsive so user experience (UX) doesn’t have to be sacrificed.

Good function

Facebook Ads Lead can ensure users don’t get bored or stop filling out forms, thanks to “Instant Form Filling” and of course supported by an attractive UX. With this function making the user experience less boring and certainly faster, you certainly don’t want business prospects to leave because they complain about filling out forms.

Get to know your audience

Facebook Ads Lead is a useful tool for finding out what makes your target demographic or characteristics tick. By customizing the question form, you will get to know the views of consumers around your industry and brand in general.

The benefits that Facebook Ads Lead provides are unquestionable for your business, this platform must be considered for your business. Contact us immediately for consultation and further information if you are interested and want to implement Facebook Ads Lead in your business!

Our Commissioner, Dario Genovese, holds an IAB diploma as Digital Marketing Manager and shows a decade of freelance & agency experience. He also worked in a managerial position in a renovated digital agency and managed several big clients.
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