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Facebook Marketing for Hotels Business Success: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

Do you feel like whenever you search for information about hotels in Bali or want to book a stay somewhere, the results are dominated by online travel agencies and other digital platforms? If you are, welcome to a glimpse of the digital era!

The digitalization phoneme becomes the main concern of hotel business owners since staying competitive and standing out from their competitors is getting harder.

Like it or not, ensuring online presence and reputation is the most effective solution to staying ahead in the hotel business industry. The good news is this can be achieved by leveraging one most used social media platform, Facebook.

In this updated and beginner-friendly guide about Facebook marketing for hotels, we’ll go into the realm of Facebook marketing and demonstrate how to use its potential to succeed in the hotel industry in 2024.

Definition of Facebook Marketing for Hotels: How They Optimize Social Media for Business

Facebook marketing is a marketing strategy to promote a product, service, or brand using Facebook as the platform. Facebook marketing can be implemented by advertising (Facebook Ads) or creating a page for businesses.

In this digital era, social media including Facebook has had a significant impact on the hotel industry. From promoting the services, building the brand, and especially the way a hotel brand interacts with its customers is mostly delivered by using social media platforms.

The most well-known strategy for how a hotel brand uses social media is by leveraging the ability to post video content. This ability of social media platforms should be well used as 54% of shoppers used five or more channels to search video and social media. So get those shoppers!

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Why Facebook Marketing for Hotels Business is Important?

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Facebook marketing for hotels business is important because of how effective it is in reaching and engaging with customers on a larger and global scale. 

Yes, other than to stay in the competition, with their million user base you can not ignore how effective Facebook marketing is to connect your hotel with current or potential customers in a massive way.

But Facebook marketing is more than just that. You can find out the other following reasons as written below :

Well-Defined Audience Targeted 

Well-known fun fact: Facebook has over 2.8 billion monthly active users. Imagine how many people or travelers want to book a stay you can target. 

Then among that billion users how Facebook knows the ideal audience for your hotel brands? Overall, Facebook collects a vast amount of data about its users through users’ interactions with the platform and profile information.

This information is used to provide relevant content and improve the user experience. So as long as you provide relevant content that your targeted audience wants, Facebook will be the perfect platform to expose your hotel brand to them.

No Budget-Wasting Advertising 

Advertising your hotel on Facebook ( Facebook Ads) can be more cost-effective compared to advertising through television or on your local billboard. If it is done in the correct way Facebook ads for hotels are not going to waste your budget at all.

The advertising method on Facebook is by targeting specific audiences. More targeted advertising can save your hotel business from too much money wasting trial-and-error advertising.

Here are 6 advanced advertising methods Facebook offers :

  • Demographic targeting
  • Interest targeting
  • Custom Audiences (Existing Data)
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Behavioral targeting 
  • Retargeting 

Increased Customer Engagement 

Hotels can interact and build genuine engagement with customers on Facebook. By answering questions, and developing connections with new customers can enhance customer loyalty and repeated booking stay.

Get to Know Your Customer Better 

As we know Facebook is one of the most advanced and fastest-growing social networking sites. Facebook has successfully provided advanced tools with a range of capabilities.

In order to help marketers to understand more about their audience Facebook created analytics tools called Facebook Insights. This is not just some made-up hypothesis but data-based user insight.

Facebook Insight is a suite of analytics tools that provide insights into the performance of a Facebook page and its posts, as well as demographic information about the page’s audience. 

So No more worries about accurately and getting those data to get to know your customer better!


Facebook also enables hotels to collaborate with other companies, for example, neighborhood eateries and tourism destinations business. This can boost your hotel brands and draw in more booking stay.

Free & Paid Facebook Marketing You can Imply for Your Hotels Business

A female hotel marketer set up a Facebook marketing campaign on her laptop.

Whether it’s free or paid the goal of Facebook marketing for your hotel business is to reach the targeted audience > build your brand digital presence > and drive more business (booking)

Here are free and Paid Facebook Marketing for hotels :

Free Facebook Marketing :

  • Organic Content: This is where you can be creative with your hotel marketing teams. reach a wider audience and build your brand by posting engaging, relevant content, such as photos and videos, on your hotel’s Facebook page. Pro tip: Do your competitor research to know more about the recent trends.
  • Encourage Genuine User-Generated Content: Encourage guests to post photos and reviews of their stay on your Facebook page. This is the best kind of content that you can use to promote your hotel. 
  • Facebook Page Management: Showing that you care about your online audiences by regularly monitoring and responding to comments and messages on your hotel’s Facebook page can consider excellent customer service to build a relationship with your audience.
  • Facebook Ads: You can use Facebook’s advertising platform to target specific audiences to promote your hotel to a global and wider audience.
  • Boosted Posts: Boosting your hotel’s Facebook posts to reach a larger, targeted audience and drive engagement. For example, you can boost your holiday special posting on the Christmas holiday.
  • Instagram Advertising: Use Instagram’s advertising platform to reach a younger, visually-focused audience and promote your hotel through eye-catching, high-quality images and videos.

Therefore, which one should you choose? Generally, hotels can benefit from using a combination of free and paid Facebook marketing. 

But if it happens you have to choose between free or paid Facebook marketing the answer is depend on your hotel business’s current condition and goals.

Free Facebook marketing mostly leverages organic content which is good for building brand awareness and investing in customer engagement. This of course is suitable for smaller budgets.

But if your hotel businesses want fast conversion of hotel booking and to reach a larger audience right away then paid Facebook marketing is the answer.


In this fast-paced and ever-changing hotel industry, overlooking digital marketing can hurt your hotel business in the future. There is no harm in leveraging Facebook’s powerful tools and features to achieve your hotels marketing goals. Not only effective in promoting your hotel brand on a global scale, Facebook marketing also helps in create a strong bond between your brand and customers.

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