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TOP 5 Hotel Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Hotel’s Booking

Are you a hotel business owner looking for new ways to promote your hotel, keep up with the competition, and increase bookings? Look no further than video marketing. In today’s digital era, video content is more engaging and shareable than ever. It’s an effective way to showcase your hotel’s unique features and amenities to attract potential guests that will book a stay.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the essentials of video marketing for your hotel business, provide tips for hotel video marketing, and share seven hotel video marketing ideas that you can use to boost your hotel’s bookings. From video content of hotel room tours to guest testimonial videos for hotel credibility, these ideas will help you stand out from the competition and attract more guests to your hotel.

What is Hotel Video Marketing?

To start, you have to understand what video marketing is in general. Video marketing is the use of creativity to create engaging marketing videos to promote a product or service in order to engage with the audience, build brand awareness, and finally drive conversions. It can take various forms, such as product demos, explainer how-to videos, live streams, and customer testimonials. Video marketing can spread through several media platforms like social media platforms or even traditional Television.

When it comes to hotel video marketing, the video content is used to showcase beyond just a product or service but to show the hotel’s unique features and amenities, such as rooms, pools, spas, and restaurants. Hotel video marketing can be used to show special deals or give a glimpse of what it’s like to stay at the hotel. This can help to build trust and create a positive image, leading to more bookings.

Why Do Hotel Businesses Need Video Marketing?

There are many reasons why video marketing is considered to be useful for this industry. But to give you a big idea of why video marketing is important for the hotel business, 60% of people in APAC (Asian-Pacific) rely on online video (Youtube) in planning their travel journeys. This current behavior of travelers makes video marketing a vital source for the hotel business.

Other than that, here are a few reasons why video marketing is important for the hotel business:

  • Engage More with Your Audience: Video content is more than just text or images. It’s a combination of visual and auditory elements that allows hotels to showcase their unique accommodation and amenities in an interactive way that can capture a person’s attention and hold it for a longer period of time, making them more likely to engage and remember the content. In addition, videos can elicit emotions which can make the audience more invested in your hotel video.
  • Brand awareness: Video marketing allows hotels to increase brand awareness by reaching a wider audience through social media, video-sharing platforms, and paid advertising. This can build trust and credibility with potential guests, making them more likely to book a stay in your hotel.
  • Mobile-friendly: As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, making videos mobile-friendly can help hotels reach their audience on the go. This is especially important for the travel and hotel industry.

Here are 5 Hotel Video Marketing Ideas You Can Imply

Shooting of hotel's outdoor pool with beautiful nature view for hotel video marketing content.

Finally, here are 5 Hotel Video Marketing Ideas You can Imply Immediately for Your Hotel Brands :

Behind-the-Scenes Videos of Your Hotel

Behind-the-Scenes video content is where you can show the human and personal look of your hotel business. You can show different aspects of your hotel, such as :

  • The professionalism of the staff
  •  Room Preparation
  •  Kitchen Tour 
  •  Event Planning 
  •  Sustainability Efforts and 
  • Guest Testimonials 

To showcase your hotel’s brand value. Being personal to your audience helps your business to be relatable and tweak their emotional aspects to increase engagement and brand awareness.

Our Portfolio for BTS Video: La Reserve Bali

Sneak Peak of Hotel Local Attractions

Remember, when customers book a stay at your hotel, they also look for unique and memorable experiences, especially for travelers. In the video, you can include more information about cultural activities or entertainment being held around your hotel area. This video content can also feature food and drink scenes or nearby shopping centers to showcase your hotel’s restaurant, bar, shopping options, and unique cuisine and drinks offered

Showing nature attractions is also one way to showcase your hotel’s local surroundings. If your hotel prioritizes eco-tourism, creating videos highlighting this value can be a great idea. A survey shows that 17% of travelers are willing to pay more for environmentally-conscious travel providers. Then creating videos that align with their values is a must. You can highlight nearby natural attractions such as parks, hiking trails, or beaches and show footage of guests enjoying these natural attractions.

Example of Local Attractions Video: Pullman Bali

Create a Video Tour of Your Rooms Service

Time to showcase your hotel quality! This kind of video content is powerful hotel marketing to showcase your hotel’s unique and quality features and amenities. Here is what can be included in a video tour of your rooms service:

  • Room walk-through: Show a detailed walk-through of the different room types offered by your hotel, highlighting key features such as views, layouts, and decor.
  • Amenities: Highlight the amenities provided in each room, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, mini-fridge, or in-room safe, and show footage of guests using these amenities.
  • Room service: Show footage of your hotel’s room service in action, including footage of meals being prepared and delivered to guests in their rooms.
  • Guest testimonials: Show real guest testimonials who have enjoyed the room service and their experience, which can help to build trust and credibility with potential guests.

Check Our Video Tour Portfolio: Novotel Bali

Seasonal Video Content

This is where you can create a hard-selling content video to showcase special deals and packages on particular seasonal occasions. Many people are looking to travel and stay in hotels for holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve during the holiday season. You can leverage this moment with a video showcasing the hotel’s holiday decorations and special packages and highlighting nearby holiday events and activities.

Or, in the Summer season where you can create a video showcasing the hotel’s outdoor amenities, such as a pool or terrace, and highlight nearby beaches or water activities for guests to enjoy during the summer months.

Seasonal Video for Your Reference: Deep Roots

Showcase Your Brand’s History

Showcase your brand’s history in video marketing can build a strong brand identity and value, which can create a connection to your targeted audience. Highlighting key milestones, achievements and challenges faced. This helps create an emotional connection with customers and build a strong brand identity.

Brans History Video You Can Try: Viceroy Bali

Hotel Video Marketing Tips That Actually Work (Real-Life Experience)

Hotel video marketing shooting session with black advance camera.

Don’t Waste Your Customer Review

People want to know valuable information about your hotel, which also influences whether your hotel will get booked. Having featuring customer testimonials and reviews in the form of videos that you can share on social media, websites, and other digital platforms can increase engagement and provide reassurance among your audience, which can lead to more bookings.

But remember, people want unbiased perspectives, and nowadays, they are smart to distinguish which one. So make sure reviews are spoken by customers who already have a positive experience in your hotel and are not influenced by the company’s marketing or advertising. This can make the review to be more trustworthy and authentic.

Analyze Your Target Audience

Including target audience analysis as your hotel video marketing strategy is essential to ensure that your video marketing campaigns are effective and not time-wasting. Understanding your target audience’s travel behavior and preferences can help to tailor a perfect video marketing campaign accordingly.

Creating a hotel marketing video by identifying demographics, travel behavior, motivations for travel, media consumption, and budget also can help your hotel business understand more about the pain points that your customer faces. So showing how your hotel services and amenities can solve this problem in a video will increase customer satisfaction, which can help drive repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. So leverage all your analytics tools and get to know your audiences first!

Highlight All-Inclusive Packages

Have you heard about High-income revenge travelers before? Yes, we are talking about high-income travelers who want the best experience at all costs. This kind of traveler prefers all-inclusive options and is 2.2X more likely than other types of travelers to seek out exceptional luxury experiences.

The question is how to engage these high-income revenge travelers ? in your hotel video marketing you can highlight and promote all-inclusive hotel packages that provide luxury and hassle-free hotel services. Impress them with a premium, bespoke hotel stay experience they will not forget!

Leverage Digital Advertising

After handling many clients from the hotel industry, reaching wider and more diverse potential customers through digital platforms is very effective for the hotels business. Travelers or people in general are researching a lot more online, and this have been stated by many business resources. By leveraging video advertising platforms like Youtube, you can inspire many potential customers around the world with personalized content that shows them the dream hotel vacation that they desire to experience

Another tip you can work on hotel video advertising is creating authentic recommendations videos from trusted creators and travel influencers around digital platforms. Since we know many people look for online video content to make them excited about their trip plans.

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No doubt, hotel video marketing is becoming popular in this digital era. Hotel brands around the world compete to show the best visualization of their hotel business and share it across their social media channels and website, and this phenomenon is not just a trend; there is an actual booking process as a result. 

Therefore, whether you’re a hotel owner, manager, or marketer, stay up-to-date to learn how video marketing can help take your hotel’s online presence to the next level and not fall behind in the competition.

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