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Google Analytics: A Must Tools For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In this modern and digital era, data analysis cannot be denied an important position in the commercial industry. Likewise, business marketing strategies are growing with many modernizations because of the support of technology. Data analysis will make it easier for businesses to get more accurate data results. Google as one of the largest technology companies in the world is aware of this, by providing support features for businesses. The type of data analysis activity in the digital business world that is usually carried out is doing web analytics or analyzing the performance of a website by utilizing Google Analytics.

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Introducing Your Mandatory Business Tools: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a software/tool that provides website analysis services and aggregates traffic on a website, this tool provides various features to collect audience data to produce more effective marketing strategies. Google Analytics is a must-have tool for business people in this digital era. This tool, which was released by Google in 2005 (Wikipedia) can be used for free and is very useful for increasing the business potential of your website.

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Google Analytics has been widely used by digital marketing experts to support the needs of digital marketing strategies in boosting the data performance of a website. Starting from visitor demographics, popular content, traffic sources, and others. All data collected can be used for evaluation and improvement of existing content. With this tool, you can make reports easier and the data provided is very complete for businessman.

Google Analytics Functions

Why should we use Google Analytics for business? Actually, what is the function of Google Analytics? As explained above, the function of this tool is to analyze your website traffic to improve your business marketing strategy. Therefore, you should take advantage of this tool so that your marketing strategy gets maximum results. So what is its function in detail?

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Getting Information Regarding Visitors

Information regarding visitors can be found through this tool. This information is in the form of location, gender, activity on the internet, social media, what users are often looking for, and much more. Based on this information, you can devise the best steps and strategies to improve your marketing strategy.

Monitor Traffic in Real Time

The data presented is not only information related to your website visitors, but you can also find out what activities visitors do while on your website. By knowing the activity of these users, you can find out what content audience like and dislike the most so that you know which areas to improve to get more visitors.

Analyzing SEO Performance

Google Analytics can help in observing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance of your website. Things that can be observed are the effectiveness of the keywords used and find out which keywords are most interested in users. By knowing SEO performance, you can always update the latest keywords so that your website ranking always increases in search engines.

Benefits of Google Analytics for Your Business

Free? Has many benefits? YES! That’s why you should take advantage of this tool for your business.

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Analyzing Popular Marketing Campaigns

You can analyze which marketing campaigns are the most popular and have the most traction. To make your marketing campaign more popular, do proper keyword research to improve its quality.

Knowing Traffic Sources

Google Analytics provides data on where website traffic comes from. Whether the traffic comes from organic search, link links, or social media.

Get Conversion Report

Analyzing conversion report data is an important part of measuring your marketing strategy, one of the most common being the purchase of your business products/services. The higher the conversion, the higher your brand awareness.

Improve Website Performance

With Google Analytics, you can measure the performance and score of your website so you know where to improve. Without this tool, you will find it difficult to know which things to optimize. Providing the best user experience is something that must always be maintained.

It must be realized, Google Analytics is a mandatory tool for you if you have a business in this digital era. Especially if you market your products/services through a website, of course you want the conversions given to always increase. With data analysis from Google Analytics, this is very possible to do. SATUVISION is ready to help to improve your digital marketing strategy using this tool. Contact us immediately!

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