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Is SSL a Must for Websites in 2023?

In this digital era, there is no doubt that a company already has a website. Currently, to maintain website security, many companies use SSL. Of course maintaining website security is a must, because this involves important internal and client data. At first glance, of course the existence of SSL is very important, right? In this article, we will discuss SSL in more depth!

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What is SSL?

SSL, also known as Secure Socket Layer, is a security protocol created by Netscape which functions to secure data between two different systems. This secured data is sensitive, such as client and company personal data, data transfer and logins, credit card transactions, and others.

Usually, a website that already uses Secure Socket Layer has a lock symbol in the browser’s URL field when accessing it, and uses HTTPS before the domain name.

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SSL Function

Broadly speaking, the function of Secure Socket Layer is for website security in transmission between two different systems. For more details, we will explain the function of Secure Socket Layer more clearly.

Encrypting Important Information

Back again to the main reason for using Secure Socket Layer, which is to secure sensitive data on the website. When data information is sent, Secure Socket Layer will encrypt and scramble it so that it cannot be read except by the address of the destination of the information.

Provide Authentication

Apart from encrypting data, Secure Socket Layer also functions as authentication. This authentication ensures that data information is sent to the correct address, not to hackers or fraudsters who steal and misuse this sensitive data. By using Secure Socket Layer, it is impossible for an incident like this to occur because there will be an authentication process at the time of data transmission and this data can only be opened by the delivery destination address.

Building Consumer Trust

By using Secure Socket Layer, the website will have a lock logo or green bar in the browser URL column. If you do not use this, the website will display the words “not secure” in red which means it is not secure. In this way, consumers will trust the company for the security of their data.

PCI Compliance

PCI or Payment Card Industry provides conditions for websites that have transactions with consumers must use Secure Socket Layer. So this will provide security for transactions between companies and consumers on the website.

Type of SSL Validation Level

The types of Secure Socket Layer are based on the security needs of each website. Here are the types of Secure Socket Layer.

Type of SSL Validation Level

Domain Validated SSL

This type is the most widely used type for businesses that are starting out and want to develop websites at affordable prices and fast processes. To get this Secure Socket Layer, it only requires domain and email verification. This type of Secure Socket Layer is perfect for personal websites, blogs/articles, and its kind.

Organization Validated SSL

This type is actually almost the same as Domain Validated. However, the domain owner must add some files during verification. To perform this verification, the domain owner must show proof of company ownership and domain legitimacy. This is done to ensure that the domain owner runs the business legally. This type of is usually used by a company on its website in order to foster a sense of trust in consumers.

Extended Validation SSL

This type of Secure Socket Layer is the highest among other types. This is usually used on websites that require a high level of security. Verification on this type is very detailed, starting from documents, legality, and company background. So do not be surprised, this type is usually used by Ltd, Commanditaire Vennootschap, and government departments of a country.

SSL Benefits for Websites

Secure Socket Layer also has several benefits for your website, here are the benefits!

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Increasing SEO Quality

By using this Secure Socket Layer, it will certainly give Google confidence that the website you create is not just fake. It will affect SEO and the website will certainly be ogled by Google.

Increase Website Reputation

Of course consumers will believe more if you can provide security for their privacy, right? Likewise, using Secure Socket Layer, which will provide a padlock logo and display HTTPS in the URL column, which of course indicates that the website is secure. If the website does not use Secure Socket Layer, Google will automatically display a “not secure” warning every time a consumer visits the website. Indirectly, Google indicates that the website is not safe, of course this will reduce the reputation of the website.

Securing Data Transfers

Like the function described above, which is to encrypt sensitive data, of course the data transferred will be more secure. Data transfer from the company to consumers who visit the website will be protected by a public key or privacy key. In addition, the presence of a padlock logo in the URL column will convince consumers when accessing the website.

How SSL Works

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After understanding the benefits and types of Secure Socket Layer, of course you are wondering how does it works, right? Secure Socket Layer works by using a key called a cryptographic key. Where the data will be encrypted properly during this transfer process so that hackers or third parties cannot hack the data. Cryptographic keys utilize two keys that generate a random series of numbers, namely the public key and the private key. The public key is used to encrypt any data to be sent, while the private key is used to describe the data sent to a format that can be read by the recipient of the data. In essence, the way Secure Socket Layer works will secure every data exchange between the two systems.

Considering how important SSL is for a website, of course you have to use it for the security of your website and consumers. That way, you can maintain consumer trust. Data theft can occur at any time, therefore the use of SSL cannot be underestimated if you want to create a website. No need to worry and think any longer, immediately secure your website with SSL with SATUVISION. Contact us and consult for the best for your website!

Our Commissioner, Dario Genovese, holds an IAB diploma as Digital Marketing Manager and shows a decade of freelance & agency experience. He also worked in a managerial position in a renovated digital agency and managed several big clients.
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