Tips & Strategy to Increase Your Website SEO Ranking

Tips & Strategy to Increase Your Website SEO Ranking

A lot of businesses want to be top in search results when people are looking for a product. But you need more than just a good business and online presence to be at the top. You also need to have a solid strategy for SEO ranking, which is about how to improve your SEO Ranking and get your website higher in search engines.

Search engines work by finding websites and helping you find what you need. They do this by crawling through the web and building an index, which is a list of all the websites they have found. Then they generate a ranked list of what they think is most relevant to you. 

Utilizing SEO can improve the visibility of your brand. This will help with your website’s search and SEO ranking. When you set up SEO in a good way, it can drive more traffic to your website and increase sales for your business.

You are starting your SEO strategy with these five tips that make your brand rank better on the internet. Find out more about how to improve SEO from the following tips:

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Determine Your Target Keywords

One of the first steps to developing and how to improve an SEO strategy that matches your business goals is to think about what keywords you are targeting. Start by thinking about the words and phrases that are important for your business.

You can find out what keywords people are typing into Google by using tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner, WordStream or Wordtracker. You can then use this information to find out which words are most important to your customers and use those words in your content. Ultimately, this will help you to create content that is right for your audience.

When you are trying to rank higher SEO ranking in Google, focus on your content by adding 1-3 keywords. Search engines will find your webpage if you have the keyword. It’s bad to have too many keywords on one page.

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Make Your On-Page SEO as Perfect as Possible

On how to improve SEO through on-page, you make sure that your webpage has things people want to see. On the page, you put things that people might search for and may like. Then more people will come to your page and it will rank higher in Google.

Once you have found the words your company is about, you want to make sure that these words are in each of these places: 

  1. The URL structure is how people find your website. Search engines can see it too. It tells them what is on your site.
  2. The title of a web page is very important. It appears at the top of your browser, and it can show up in search results.
  3. Body text is the main text on your web page and is where you should include keywords. The content of the body text is what people are looking for when they visit your website.
  4. Meta descriptions are words that appear in the search results. It is good if your meta description includes your target keywords because then it will attract people to your website.
  5. H1 This is the main heading that people will see when they visit your page. It should say what your page is about. Put keywords in it and people can find it better.
  6. Image ALT attribute – Another way to increase your ranking is to add keywords to the text that describes your pictures. These are important because if a viewer cannot see the picture, they will still be able to read it.
  7. On-page plugins are a great way to see how your site is doing. You can use them to make changes on your website that will help you rank higher in search engines.
On-page SEO

Create a Strategic Content Plan

Search engines like websites that have updated content. So if you want people to come to your website and how to improve SEO, then you need good content. You should write new posts that are optimized for search engines.

People say that “Content is king.” That does not mean all content is good content. To get the most out of your content strategy, make and publish content that will help your brand become a top expert in a certain topic. You can do this by making and publishing content on topics that are important to you.

Once you’ve picked what you want to talk about and the topics of your content, the next step is to make a plan. Different people have different needs. That is why the content you use will change as they go through the buyer’s journey.

Having a blog is a good way to have content on your website. It will be relevant, interesting, and valuable. If you have a blog, you will get 67% more leads every month. You can promote your content across many channels like Facebook, email and ads online to drive even more traffic back to your site.

Make Your Old Content New Again

Link-Building Techniques

To improve SEO, you should do three things: outbound, internal and inbound linking. Search engines like Google rank the quality of sites by looking at their links, or “backlinks.” This is a link from one site to another. This is like when someone sends you an email and then they send you another email. Websites with more links from other websites with good quality links rank higher in search results.

If you want high-quality backlinks, do guest blogs. Create content that is useful and interesting. Share infographics or promote an event. Focus on quality instead of quantity. For example, if you are in the “soda” business, focus on attracting links from other sites that are about soda. You should not focus so much attention on getting links from another site that is about something completely different.

Another way to get good links is to have some links on your website go to other pages on your website and some links go outside of the site. You can use your blog to connect to other sites and how to improve SEO. You can link to them.

Content Strategy

Make Your Old Content New Again

Blogs are good for SEO rankings. They keep the website up to date and one the ways on how to improve SEO. Since not all blog posts will get the same attention, you should take some time to make the content better and more interesting. This way it will be seen by more people.

You should put new content on your website. That way it will stay fresh and you can show people more than one thing. If people see old posts, they might not want to see the same things again. Other’s might think that you are copying them because you are saying the same things but only in different words.

When it comes to SEO, not all blog posts are the same. Sometimes you need to refresh posts that will give you the best search results. A good way to start is to make an inventory of everything on your site. Then, look at the traffic statistics for your site. You will see which posts are popular:

  1. Include more detailed information.
  2. People are more likely to share your story if they read it.
  3. Conversion rate is the number of people who buy your product. You can make it higher by giving discounts or paying for advertising.
  4. When people read your blog, they want to stay. They don’t click off the page. Your readers stay longer and come back more often.
  5. To keep your content fresh, you should update it every 3-6 months.
Create a Strategic Content Plan

Once you have finished making your site better for the search engine, you will need to keep checking it. You can do this by using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to find out which keywords and visitors are converting. This information will assist you in determining which keywords to focus on with your content planning going forward in order to obtain the best results by improving SEO, and which ones should be abandoned.

After evaluating your many alternatives on how to improve SEO, it’s time to make a selection and select a digital marketing agency. Hopefully, the 5 factors above will have assisted you in finding the best fit for your business when that time comes. Consider SATUVISION if you haven’t yet found the ideal agency. We are a strategy-first digital agency in Bali, Indonesia. Contact us today!

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