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UX Writer Is An Important Part To a Success Website!

In this digital era, UX Writer is one of the booming jobs that every company needs. At the same time, UX and UI designers are also shining. How not, their presence is an important part of the success of a website.

Marketing through websites in this digital era is no stranger to business people, that’s why UX Writers are very much sought after. Because consumer behavior is constantly changing and dynamic, so it takes some effort to attract their interest. This is where UX Writer plays an important role. So, who exactly is a UX Writer? Maybe you are also wondering his task for the success of a website? We’ll cover that in this article!

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Who is a UX Writer?

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Simply put, a UX Writer is someone who makes UX Copy, and the activity is called UX Writing.

Someone who writes for the user experience is known as a UX Writer. When someone uses a digital product such as an application or website, a UX Writer creates words that can be read or heard. The written text is short, straightforward, and practical. If a copywriter’s writing is short, UX Writer’s writing is more than that. For those of you who don’t know, microcopy is a term for short “text” that aims to improve the user experience in this product.

Well, then UX Copy are words that can encourage someone to take action when interacting with the system. These words should have a clear context to help users make decisions. The system in question is provided in a simple format, such as an application, dashboard, or web page.

Good UX Copy can attract users to take action according to their intentions or behavior without appearing pushing, but inviting. A bad written UX Copy, on the other hand, can affect many things at once. User dissatisfaction will arise which can then lead to transaction failures, lower conversion rates, and other problems. Therefore, a UX Writer is someone who must carry out validation and research to ensure that the UX Copy is created in accordance with the company’s or business’ target audience.

Task of a UX Writer

According to UX Booth, the main task of a UX Writer is to make sure users have a pleasant experience with the website, apart from that there are a number of other tasks.

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Doing research

A UX Writer’s first task is to do research. Through research, UX Writer will get to know the target audience more deeply. In addition, by doing research you can find out what problems are being experienced and what solutions are expected by the audience.

With the research data that has been collected, all you have to do is create a copy and a design that is able to answer requests from the audience.

Write copy

UX Writer’s second job is to make a copy. The copy made must be intuitive, in accordance with the brand voice, and easy to understand and comfortable for everyone when viewing the display and text of the website, including those from various backgrounds. A writer can check if any fixes or additions are needed after the copy is tested by the team.

Collaborate with the team

The final task of a UX Writer is to be able to collaborate with a team. UX writers cannot work without a team. They must learn and understand the background, function, and target audience. They usually have to collaborate with other teams, such as UX researchers, UX designers, and also web developers. The collaboration stage allows authors to evaluate their work from the perspective of others, determining whether messages have been communicated effectively.

Skills that UX Writers Must Mastered

As a writer, of course you must have several skills to support the quality of the copy that will be made. But don’t worry, you can learn all these skills even if you are in the process of working in the UX Writer field.

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Designer mindset

Designers discuss not only about art, but also how to effectively communicate product messages to audiences. Because, the UX Writer is someone who will interact directly with the website design, the writer must indirectly solve the existing problems so that the design is communicated effectively to the audience. Next, writer must consider how to develop a website design to make it easier for users to use.

Can be an active listener

Become an active listener who is willing to accept criticism and suggestions from the team as well as the audience. The reason is, consumer desires will continue to change from time to time so a writer must be open to receiving suggestions and criticism of what they have made. Because the main goal is to make the design comfortable to use, in addition to building a stronger communication with the audience.

Maintain networking

Not only being an active listener, you also have to be smart in maintaining networking with colleagues. Because this profession does not work alone, it will continue to collaborate with other work teams, especially having to coordinate with UX researchers, UX designers to web developers. Therefore, maintaining good networking with them at work is very important.

Thirst for new knowledge

The digital world will change from year to year. As such, writers must keep up with digital advances to ensure that their copy and designs don’t become outdated. Online classes, webinars, and even online groups are great options for writers who want to keep learning. This way, a UX writer can continue to develop into a better writer.

That’s it, at a glance about UX Writer. The world of UI/UX certainly has various interrelated functions and tasks, including a writer. UX Writer is someone who will build interaction with users through the appearance of the application or website. If you are going to build a website, of course you will consider using the services of this UX Writer, right? Don’t worry, we are ready to be your partner in building your company or business website. In addition, you can consult about the world of UI/UX to build a website with us, you know! Contact us now!

Andi is a Bachelor of Business Hospitality who has an interest in working especially in the marketing and business management. He has several achievements in competitions of Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Tourism Plan. Andi has a dream of being able to study abroad to contribute to his village.
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