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Facebook CPAS: Definition, Advantages, How It Works

Facebook CPAS is one of the methods of advertising that you can do through the marketplace. Through the following article, SATUVISION will go into more detail about what CPAS is, its benefits, and how it works. Check out the explanation below!

What is CPAS?

Facebook’s Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution, also known as Facebook CPAS, is a tool that enables marketplace vendors to run marketing campaigns to boost product sales. Facebook CPAS enables vendors to direct product advertisements to Facebook users who have previously expressed interest in a given good or service. Additionally, from their Facebook Ads dashboard, sellers can view the effectiveness of the ads that were served.

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What are the advantages of CPAS?

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The purpose of CPAS is generally the same as that of Facebook Ads. In order to raise brand awareness and boost sales, CPAS encourages consumers to make online purchases. Other factors that make CPAS ads very profitable for market vendors include:

Increasing consumer trust

Your products can be featured again and promoted on Facebook with the help of the CPAS feature. As a result, customers develop greater confidence in and trust for the products you sell.

Reaching more customers

Use Facebook CPAS feature to connect with more users. For example, when a person purchases an item on the marketplace, CPAS checks to see if they have a Facebook or Instagram account. If they have a Facebook or Instagram account, the Facebook bot will automatically retrieve the information, confirm that they are interested in the products you are offering, and then match ads in CPAS based on those interests. Of course, it helps you reach a wider audience, right?

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Track conversions

If you don’t have a personal website to sell from, you can use the CPAS feature to identify your target market.

View more effective advertisements

CPAS can be used to determine which advertisements are more effective than others. This can enhance the quality of underperforming advertisements and boost ad conversions.

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What can be done through CPAS?

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As was mentioned above, Facebook CPAS is a feature offered by Facebook Ads to assist sellers in marketing their products through the marketplace. So what does this CPAS feature allow sellers to do? Here, SATUVISION has provided a succinct summary:

Maximizing ads

You can optimize your ads for immediate product sales once you’ve tracked the data. Without Facebook CPAS, optimizing advertisements would be challenging, so this is unquestionably very helpful.

Show products to people who have the potential to buy

To increase the likelihood that people will buy your products, you can use CPAS to target audiences with particular interests and product segments.

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Measure campaign impact

You can assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising using CPAS.

Customers visit market stores directly.

Usually, you have to build a website, serve Facebook ads to it, and then serve ads from your website to the market. This is made easier by CPAS, which permits the commercial acquisition of tracking information.

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How does CPAS work?

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You can use CPAS to link your Facebook and Instagram ads to a number of different marketplace platforms, including Tokopedia, Shopee, and others. In Indonesia, CPAS collaborates with a number of local online stores, including Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, and Blibli. Here is how CPAS operates:

On the markertplace application

Customers who wish to complete their purchases on the marketplace’s website or mobile application can:

  • Expand the reach of the campaign.
  • Safely collaborate with other brands.
  • Measure the impact of ad performance on your business.
  • Increase online sales with brand partners.

On Facebook

To run dynamic ads directly on Facebook, a brand uses a catalogue. This allows the brand to:

  • Can show related products to people who are most likely to buy.
  • Increase product traffic to your marketplace website or app.
  • Optimization of advertising for online sales of products.
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of advertising with conversions.

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How to setup CPAS?

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The steps listed below should be followed to set up CPAS:

1. Open Facebook Ads Manager.
2. Select the account to use for Collaborative Ads.
3. Click Create ad.
4. Choose a campaign objective.
5. Please choose a marketplace that suits your business.
6. Import product catalogs into Facebook Business Manager.
7. Determine budget, bid, audience, placement, and ad format.
8. Select and upload your ad.

Keep in mind that all the links you list must go to your marketplace, not to your website!

Do you find it difficult and need help setting up Facebook Ads CPAS? SATUVISION is here to help you!

Conclusion: Facebook CPAS is a feature that enables you to create Collaborative Ads through your marketplace. You can improve your marketplace by working with SATUVISION, a full-service digital marketing agency. For more information, get in touch with us!

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