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7 Tips for Creating Social Media Content for Online Business on Instagram

If you use Instagram as your primary platform to sell products and services, engaging in social media content is a must. Then how to create content on Instagram that can attract more Instagram users to follow your business Instagram account? Here are 7 tips that you can apply to your business account!

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Suitable content

Suitable Instagram content is the key that you need to apply when creating social media content on Instagram. Each post that you upload must be in accordance with the product or service that you present to the audience through your Instagram account. In this way, it will be easier for you to package content to be more attractive because you understand the purpose of each uploaded content.

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The newest concept

One way to make your social media content look great is to incorporate new, never-before-seen concepts. This is a unique step and has the potential to get your audience to like and even share your posts. Creating a new concept is certainly not an easy task. You should get some inspiration to design the Instagram post you want.

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Stunning design concept

Written social media content that is not supported by a good design concept will certainly find it difficult to grab the attention of your audience. Because when they first see your content, if your post design is interesting, people will want to stop and see your content. There’s no point in creating good text without a stunning design. It is also important to pay attention to the choice of the main design color used.

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Monthly calendar content

To be able to take your creative ideas into account when creating social media content, it’s a good idea to organize them in what’s often called a content calendar or content planning. The existence of this content calendar makes it easy to organize the content you upload to Instagram each month. For example, you can schedule uploads 3-4 times a week, or even daily, with a different mix of monthly content.

So the Instagram business account that you manage will look more structured and consistent, and may even become more functional in the future if you follow the same pattern every month. This makes it easier for your followers to get to know your Instagram account through the content you post.

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Reach a wide audience

To achieve broad reach, diverse followers, and easy understanding, it is important to ensure that the social media content you create reaches a wide audience. The content you create must be tailored to different market segments. You can adjust the content selection according to the purpose of uploading the content. Is it to provide awareness, information, or promotion to increase conversions?

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Have a consistent posting schedule

This makes your Instagram business account look consistent in the eyes of your followers. To make it easier to upload your posts on time, you can use the scheduling tool in Facebook’s Creator Studio or other paid third-party platforms. You can also create monthly reports to check the progress of posting results every month. For each post you upload, you can record an increase in follower count, engagement, reach, and even audience impressions. Find out what your followers like each month and develop better and more targeted strategies for the next month.

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Different points of view

In order to engage with your business’s Instagram account and drive engagement, you may need to create content that addresses the topic from a different perspective, while keeping the topic relevant to the product or service you offer. Discuss topics and ask followers of your business account for their opinion in the comments section. More likes and comments mean more engagement for your business Instagram account.

Also, you can apply this to the available Instastory features—various supporting features such as polls, questions and answers, and quizzes. If possible, be sure to provide feedback for any audience reactions. This makes them feel close and has the opportunity to become loyal customers or customers of the products and services you offer in the future.

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Those are the tips you can use to create social media content on Instagram for your online business account. Try the steps above and apply them directly to the Instagram account that you manage. But if you don’t have time to focus on managing your business Instagram account, you can entrust your business Instagram account to us!

SATUVISION as a digital marketing agency has social media management services as the solution. We help you to think about the content, design the content, and even upload the content. Please contact us for more information!

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