The Best Marketplace in Indonesia 2023

The Best Marketplace in Indonesia 2024

Indonesian businesses are increasingly selling online and through marketplaces. In this fully digital era, business competition between Indonesia’s online marketplaces is becoming more intense. Based on information from iPrice, SATUVISION will talk about the best marketplace in Indonesia in this article. What are they? See the explanation below!

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Tokopedia is currently the number one marketplace in Indonesia with 135 million visitors. In Tokopedia itself, the most popular product categories are electronics, followed by fashion and food. Sellers at Tokopedia are dominated by SME business owners. To support merchants who sell in the marketplace, Tokopedia has several features such as promotional features, broadcast chat, and store statistics that provide funds from which business owners can borrow capital to develop their businesses.

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Shopee, which was initially introduced in Singapore, has 127 million visitors and is now the second-most popular marketplace. Most customers shop at Shopee because of the product’s low price. Muslim fashion, home appliances, and beauty products are the most popular product categories on Shopee. ShopeeLIVE, a sales assistant, a chatbot, and other features are available to entrepreneurs who sell products on the Shopee marketplace.


With 34 million visitors, Bukalapak ranks third among online marketplaces. People choose to shop at Bukalapak because of the affordable prices and wide selection of products, much like Tokopedia and Shopee. The most popular product categories on Bukalapak are fashion, hobbies, electronics, and lifestyle. Inventory, competitor monitoring, and other Bukalapak features are available to business owners who sell products online.

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Lazada, with 30 million monthly visitors, is the best marketplace and holds down the fourth spot. The reputation and affordability of Lazada are the main factors in people choosing it as their online shopping platform. Electronic and fashion products are among the most popular product categories on Lazada.


Di posisi kelima adalah marketplace milik Djarum Group, Blibli. Blbli memiliki 19 juta pengunjung per bulan. Banyak konsumen Blibli mengatakan alasan mereka memilih Blibli adalah karena reputasi dan produk yang asli. Kategori produk yang paling banyak dicari di Blibli sama seperti di marketplace lainnya, adalah elektronik, fashion, dan grosir bahan makanan.

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With 6 million users, Bhinneka is the sixth-best marketplace in Indonesia. In the beginning, Bhinneka only offered electronic goods when it first opened as an online store in 1999. However, there are now numerous vendors in Bhinneka selling a wide range of goods, including automobiles and business supplies. In order to better serve the needs of business-to-business (B2B) and government-to-government (B2G) collaboration, Bhinneka is also currently enhancing its market position.


The next marketplace is Orami, which receives 5.3 million visitors overall each month. Orami has a segmentation of parents and pregnant women, which is a little different from other marketplaces. Orami also uses an inventory-based business strategy. The inventory business model accepts products from brands and sellers and then sells them, unlike traditional marketplaces. This indicates that the marketplace serves as the direct channel for sales. Orami carries a variety of goods in the following categories: toys, nursery furniture, baby and child care, and items for women who are pregnant or nursing.

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Ralali, with a total of 4.4 million monthly visitors, is another B2B marketplace that is listed among the best marketplace. The horeka necessities, construction supplies, and office supplies are among the product categories offered by Ralali. Businesses selling on Ralali e-commerce can take advantage of functions for price inquiry, capital support, logistics services, brands, and sales contacts.


With 4 million visitors overall per month and a ninth-place ranking, JD.ID first debuted in Indonesia in November 2015. Because of JD.ID offers original products and free shipping, and the majority of people use it as their online shopping destination. The two product categories that are most frequently purchased on JD.ID are food and electronics.

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The best marketplace for fashion and beauty is Zalora, which comes in at number ten and receives 2 million monthly visitors. Zalora uses an inventory-based business model. Zalora, which launched in Indonesia in 2012, provides a huge selection of goods from more than 500 domestic and international brands. Zalora now sells lifestyle and home goods in addition to apparel and cosmetics.


Sociolla is the second-best marketplace in terms of how frequently people go shopping there. Every month, Sociolla receives more than 1.8 million visitors. a B2C (Business to Customer) based online store that sells brand-new cosmetics, skincare, hair care, perfume, and accessories for the face and body. Sociolla collaborates with authorized distributors both domestically and internationally to supply products. Many loyal consumers shop here because Sociolla has a proven track record of guaranteeing product reliability and quality.

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So that’s the best marketplace in Indonesia in 2024 that can be an opportunity for those of you who want to start an online business. SATUVISION can assist you in managing your business marketplace from A-Z, allowing you to reach more customers efficiently.

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